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  1. Billy Gibbons Gary Moore was good at sustaining and bending notes and making them sound really emotional
  2. I'd pour gasoline in the hle and light it up or hose to a tail pipe and gas 'em , like pocket gophers
  3. I'm walking on sunshine Jessica , almond bros
  4. Kidd

    New phone suggestions?

    did y'all know you can dictate text when you text , no need to type out messages with your 2 fingers
  5. I did see a japanses man catch one , tie a little flag on it , release it and follow it back to the nest , then destroyed the nest , saw it on tv
  6. soapy water does the same thing , suffocates them , same as foam in a can If ther's no nest around your home , nothing you can do , they are out foraging , the air space is free territory . BTW , I own a pest control company
  7. nope , I was on the ground , hiding from the choppers
  8. Kool I live on secret beach and Hanalei I was in the green harvest business , the things I did you could never get away with these days
  9. I lived on Kauai for 2 years , 1980 or so
  10. you are looking for Camp Verde Ariz
  11. Kidd

    New phone suggestions?

    I now have a pixel 3 and pixel 3a xl , clean android experience I like the $300 pixel 3a more Had a LG stylo 4 , the pixel 3a is much better
  12. 18 minutes of over the top reviewing , he is on youtube and desperately wants followers cus that's where the money is . I don't believe you can make such statments without hearing them next to the previous heresy model . just me 2 cents
  13. you must of been on the dry side , kauai gets more rain than any where else on the planet , still has a dry side . I'd move back to dry climate
  14. Kidd

    Hearing Aid????

    In my small town , there seems to be half a dozen hearing companies . Hearing aids costing $6K , I think they all use the same electronics with different plastic shell to make them look different , designed by German company . Last year , I was 63 then , all of a sudden my hearing lost some of the highs , everything sounds weird now . If I cup one or both of my ears , all hearing returns . Luckily , Klipsch has the highs that most speakers don't so that sure works out in my favour . I'll be getting some aids sometime in the next year or two , I suppose , I'm afraid I'll be unable to go without them , after using them for awhile Cupping my hand forward over my ear works for now
  15. the paid cop know there was something wrong with the fake bearded guy in the church , still , he killed 2 of them with his shot gun next time they will act on the fake beard and not wait to see if their gut feeling is correct
  16. Kidd

    NFL 2019

    to hell with brees , check out his wife , this goes for all the QB's wives 😁
  17. I have a couple of ADT signs I'll sell ya for a hundred dollars , that will save you the $40 a month , that's all ya need is a sign or 2 .😊
  18. Kidd

    Fire Ant Suicide???

    harvester ants , not fire ants
  19. i thought he was referring to Corpus Christi , Tx
  20. Kidd

    Robocalls reduced ?

    I have 5 business numbers all going to the same cell phone , you all think you have robo calls
  21. There are probably hundreds that are incredible
  22. Joe Walsh over reated , still , loved Rocky M W , eccellent album . The dude from Hee Haw , for got his name , plays country , very good , Roy Clark, that's it And then there's me πŸ˜€ Sorry , I think E Clapton is over rated , that's just my opinion
  23. Gravity , the movie with Sandra Bullock , it was on TV the first night we had our OLEd , blew us away. You gotta is it with your new OLED
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