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  1. Is there a mount that will work to put these on the wall as a side surround?
  2. Looking to get some side surround for my theater system, would the r-41sa work fine? I know they are sold as atmos speakers but i like the slim wall mountable design.
  3. The duct board is also a great idea! I have done some searching and found that roxul is not available near me but found owens corning thermafiber fire and sound guard which looks pretty much the same, ill have to look for duct board as well. I did come across a site with way more reasonable foam (48 Sq ft 3 inch thick for $180) has anyone ever tested if the foam is better then making the panels out of roxul or other homemade materials?
  4. Great tip! This is the kind of info i was hoping to get. is using these or any acoustic panels sufficient in the reflective areas of the room or are some kind of heavy curtain around the whole room also recommended?
  5. Im curious what everyone is using in their home theater for sound proofing and controlling echos and reflections to make the movie experience a quality one. Is there a system that works that doesnt break the bank, I have seen a lot of acoustic panels but they are like $100 for a 12 inch square. My theater room is about 15 ft wide by 24 ft long and 8 ft high 1 of the 24ft walls is cement the rest are drywall and the floor is also cement. any recommendations on affordable sound control devices?
  6. The 50% off is the R-820F so not the premier, unless I dont understand their model numbers completely lol. Thanks for the contact, ill have to get ahold of metropolislakeoutfitters.
  7. Are the Klipsch R-820F before they did the premier series as well? There are deals online for them that are 50% off and am wondering if the cost savings to quality loss is worth it or if its a significant hit to quality.
  8. Thanks for all the advice, I will have to check out that subwoofer option, I had a reasonably priced 7.1 system but had Klipsch R-280F and RB-61 II's since they were at discounted prices, After your guys advice ill probably end up dropping those and getting the newest model. Speaking of models I have a question about that as well. Klipsch's line is a little confusing since i am new to all this. Whats the difference between the RP-6000F and the RP-260F? is one just and older model?
  9. I am just looking at the R-820f and trying to get opinions between them and the newer reference premier line, would you recommend the reference series to save some cash without losing too much sound quality? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I am in the process of making a home theater. The room is 24 ft long by 15 ft wide and 8 ft ceiling, I am looking at Klipsch speakers and would live advice as to what size klipsch speakers and if the reference premier line is significantly better or if the reference line is still quality and a way to save a few bucks? I am open to also getting good quality front speakers and paying the price and just running a 3.1 system that I can add onto later as cash allows. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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