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  1. @jordan122345 Really cool setup! Where did you end up getting your Emotiva amp? I'm in the market for one and wouldn't mind getting a used one. Thanks, Spencer
  2. @314carpenter Alright Here is a drawing of my cabinet with modded fans installed - wondering what airflow pattern will be best to use? Thank you for your opinions!
  3. Ok this is what I'm gonna use - that way I can just plug my fans in and good to go: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071FNN9W7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Here are the 4 fans I own already: https://www.amazon.com/Noctua-NF-F12-PWM-4-Pin-Premium/dp/B00650P2ZC/ref=sr_1_4?crid=20O4FJJD8HKD0&keywords=noctua+120mm+fan&qid=1553825777&s=electronics&sprefix=noctu%2Celectronics%2C148&sr=1-4 I'm gonna sound test these after they are running because if I remember - they should be more quite than the AC Infinity fans.
  4. @314carpenter I tried that and I have to manually push the fan to get it to spin....I don't think the 5v is enough to get the fan to start moving....
  5. So I had some extra PC fans but they only connect using a 3-pin connector and the fan is 12v. However I want to connect it via USB and thats about 5v - anyone know of a way to convert that so I can make use of my expensive fans?
  6. @JohnA I've got 2 usb ports on the back of the unit. I guess I would have to remove the other fans from inside the unit so they don't run. I wonder if I could just replace them with 3 of these fans? I guess I'll have to investigate more. Although it doesn't seem like the specs are that different from the AC infinity fans. I think the AC infinity uses these blower fans -> https://www.amazon.com/AC-Infinity-MULTIFAN-Control-Receiver/dp/B012CL2V3I/ However I'm not 100% those are the fans they use in the T8 unit ,but it looks like them. -Spencer
  7. @314carpenter haha thanks man - I def read the manual, it just seems like bad design when the user interface doesn't sync up with what the unit is actually capable of doing you know? I design and program interfaces for a living so it always annoys me when its not intuitive and clear. Basically, when you select the fronts to be connected to the external amp, in the GUI they have a little icon of PRE above them when selected. It only makes logical sense to me that I should be able to tell the unit that the center or the rears are going to the external amp - so they too should get the icon of PRE above them as well. Hopefully that makes sense - if the speaker is going to the external amp - it should have the PRE icon above it - boom problem solved lol. Anyways thank you for informing me that I just need to hook it all up correctly and have it set to 11.2! Cheers, Spencer
  8. Hey all, I'm researching my new AVR I purchased and setup, the Denon x-4500H, and in the menu I can create a 11.2 config with an external amp. Denon allows me to visually config the Front Left and Front Right to be used by the pre-outs in the GUI. However, if I want more speakers to go to the external amp, like if I have a 5 channel amp, I would also want the center channel and surrounds to also go to the pre-outs. Does anyone know if the AVR just detects more items plugged into the pre-outs because you cannot select speaker by speaker what is going to the external amp and what speakers are driven by the receiver....does the GUI show the speakers greyed out when actually plugged into pre-outs? Thanks for any help! Spencer
  9. I just setup my new Denon 4500H receiver and have not invested yet in height speakers. I've read a lot of online reviews about how some think the atmos speakers when positioned to fire up facing the ceiling and then bounce the sound waves off back down to the listener is a total gimmick, but then I also have read how some say it works. I'm not totally convinced that those are just paid reviews to be honest. I'm wondering if anyone here has tried or is using this type of height speaker setup vs. putting speakers in the ceiling. The one catch for me is that my ceiling is vaulted where the peak is about 17 ft high and I think the angle is about 20 deg. I think if the up-firing does actually work, if placed right I can shoot the bounce to the main listening position. Wondering what other opinions on this are! Thanks, Spencer
  10. OK Thanks @TasDom - I'll just let it do its thing - I guess that makes sense kinda like a car when it shuts off the fans keep running.
  11. I just bought 2 pair of rp-502s from @MetropolisLakeOutfitters , he gave me great pricing and fast shipping! I bought them for rears and rear-surrounds and I'm really happy with the wide dispersion of sound they produce. I went this route for 2 main reasons. First is that my couch where I sit is only about 1ft - 2ft away from the wall and there wasn't much room to put speakers behind me. So I mounted a pair of the 502s about 2ft above my head and about 3ft away from the main listening position in the center of the couch. They really do work like advertised! The second main reason was because Youthman on youtube uses the same setup just in a different room so I knew that it was a good option to try out. Cheers, Spencer
  12. @MC39693 @Mr.2stroke @JefDC I just added an Affinity T8 rear exhaust cooler on top of my unit and it has made a good amount of difference. I also cut out a 17" (width) x 2" (height) hole in the back of the Tv console for the air to be pushed out from instead of just the dinky 2" circle that was originally there to pass wires through. I watched a movie last night with the wife at volume 55, which is loud but not movie theater loud, and the air sensor never got above 85 degrees. Afterwards I could touch the rear top part of the receivers chassis where it was always the hottest, and it was not very hot, before I could barely touch it. So I'm impressed! I set the fan speed to 1 because I could still hear it at 2. Anything above 2 is too noisy for an open cabinet tv console right under the tv and I sit 10 ft away from my TV. Only downside is that I don't know how to make it turn off/on when the receiver turns off/on, I have to do it manually.
  13. @314carpenter Thanks for that info - and that link. I made sure to disable Eco mode. I turned it on and it did make a difference of 5 degrees for me but not at the loss of speaker power - ouch! I looked over that link for the AV x3300w, do you think those settings still apply for the 4500H? I should have noted that I have klipsch rp-502s as rears and rear surrounds, Ref-III 7 Fronts and Ref III center channel. No atmos speakers yet, in the middle of wondering how much BS the up-firing speaker is vs ceiling speakers.... Cheers, Spencer
  14. @PK09 Yea thats basically what I'm doing as well. I haven't bought the amp yet but will soon. Buying new speakers next month so thats when I'll get the amp. Good luck and let me know how it goes if you don't mind! Cheers, Spencer
  15. @wvu80 @JefDC @TasDom @weziewoo @Buck115 Thanks for the reply. I just did a test and had the receiver running watching a movie and then also just on cable for about 3 hours running. It has 7 speakers hooked up to it and video running through it. I stuck a thermometer that I use to take my temp if I'm sick LOL, and stuck it to the rear end of the receiver and it recorded 110 degrees and then just showed the word Hi, so I'm thinking it could have slowly ticked up a few more degrees. I think eco mode is not on as well. I did read that Denon tends to run hot but damn! I guess I'll look at investing into the A/C affinity unit and really put it to the test. I also am thinking about changing unit locations. Cheers, Spencer
  16. No Problem - I think good is a relative term, relative to how much money you are willing to spend haha. What I would do is hook everything up with out the amp - as many speakers as you can. Watch a few specific scenes from your fav movie for a week. Then get that A-700 amp that or the outlaw-5000 is a comparable alternative and similar price, I think its only 5-channel though.) Then watch your movies again at the same volume level etc and see if you can tell a difference. Also crank it and see if it gets louder than you thought, etc. If you can't tell a difference return it, but I'm fairly sure you will be able to hear one. I would think of it as an entry level amp to start off with. If you get more serious you can upgrade it later and add an additional amp to your setup. The main Left Right Center channels in the front are the most power hungry speakers so they should get the amp power first. So if you got another more robust amp later, you hook it up to power your mains and maybe your rears and then have your old amp power your 4 height channels. It's all about having fun and experimenting - an expensive hobby but super fun I think lol. I would be love to hear what emotive sends back to you. Thanks, Spencer
  17. It gets pretty hot to touch being in the center. Yea thanks for that link @TasDom Have you used one of those before?
  18. Hi Pk, I'll link the second video at the bottom of this. In basic terms there can be few benefits to using an amp: More power is driven to each speaker (assuming you buy an amp capable of delivering more power than your receiver) -You will literally be able to hear things that you didn't before. Allows you to connect more speakers (in the case you have a 9.2 receiver capable of doing 11.2 channels) Less stress on your receiver because it doesn't have to work as hard delivering power to speakers Less distortion per channel. The power used to send an audio signal to your speaker will be cleaner with better amps Also once you take partial load off your receiver, it has more power to send to other speakers. So when you look at that amp you linked in the specs it says 80 watts per channel when ALL channels are hooked up to a speaker. Thats 80 x 7 for a total of 560w. If you only had 5 channels being used on the amp - that power would then be 560 / 5 = 112 watts per channel. Now let's look at the 11.2 channel denon. The specs say it does 140 watts per channel when ONLY 2 channels are driven. Thats a total of 280 watts (half the power of the amp). So if you have 11 speakers hooked up to it that means you will have about 25 watts going to each speaker, and that is based off the denon spec sheet which usually optimistic at best. Not nearly as much power as an entry level amp. So if you had the 7 channel amp driving all 7 speakers, thats 80 w per speaker output, with 4 speakers powered by the receiver now to get you to a total of 11 speakers. Those 4 would be getting 70w each from the receiver. Almost 3 times the power now then without an amp. Also the other 7 will be getting a cleaner signal from the amp and should sound better in addition to being capable of louder output. Again this also depends if you have good speakers or not. Hopefully I explained this correctly and makes sense! -Spencer Second video:
  19. Just hooked up my new Denon 4500H and stuck it in my center console cabinet. This is what it looks like for context: https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdp/trent-austin-design-adalberto-tv-stand-for-tvs-up-to-65-trnt4127.html?piid=36799512 After watching a movie for an hour or TV - I went over and touched the top and it was pretty dang hot. Wondering what others do for keep a receiver running cooler and hopefully increasing the life of it as well. Is there a giant heat sink to put on it or what lol. Thanks, Spencer
  20. Hi PK, I think if you have 3 front speakers (L,C,R) and 4 speakers in the rear (2 rears, 2 rear surrounds) thats a total of 7 speakers so far and the denon can only do 9 + 2 subs, so it makes sense why the rear atmos doesnt work. Hopefully the front atmos you can hear audio from. I have the same A/V and a similar setup with 11.2 channels using the denon and an Emotiva 3 channel amp to power the 3 front speakers. The second video I linked will show you how to hook up an amp to your receiver. Here is the amp: https://emotiva.com/products/xpa-3-gen3?variant=6293390393387 This will free up some power and allow you to run the 2 rear atmos speakers from your receiver once you add an amp to it. I'm still new to using amps as well but I've noticed the biggest difference in price is usually how much power goes to each channel and what class of amp is, the best being class A. Class A has the least distorted audio and cleanest sound from the receiver to your speakers. This is one of the better amps to get but it was too expensive for me to try out as my first amp: http://www.parasound.com/a52+.php Hope this helps, Spencer
  21. Thinking about creating this setup in my main room, as opposed to direct rear firing rp-500m speakers as the rear, and wondering if anyone has done this before to give any thoughts, pros/cons, advice before I pull the trigger. Biggest reason for trying this solution out is because the couch sits about 2 or 3ft from the rear wall. Thanks, Spencer
  22. Wondering what movies everyone uses to test their setup with? A specific scene that shows off all the channels? Something they know has rear speaker effect, surround side-rear, etc. I have an old pioneer VSX-1021-K (7.1) receiver that I'm currently using but can't seem to make it just do 5.1...I can only do 5.1 with an option to put the rear speakers as the rears, or as rear surrounds. However I've noticed that some movies only use rear surround audio, or just the rear speaker channel but not rear surround, and sometimes both on newer movies. Cheers, Spencer
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