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  1. Hi All Just to say I have taken the plunge into the world of valves and have acquired a Sherwood S-8000 iv. All I can say is music has taken on a new dimension and come totally to life. Its great partnered with the Heresy 2's and I love it. Question, should I leave as is, sounds great, no snap, crackle or pop and doesn't smell as if it is running hot. Or should I put it in to my local Radio shop for a checkover for my peace of mind? Advice appreciated Thanks Good listening Andrew
  2. Hi there, I am a newbie to the wonderful world of Klipsch, having just purchased a pair of Klipsch Heresy 2 speakers. They are new old stock, still in their original boxes and packaging. I am running them with my Quad 44 / 405.2 setup. All I can say is wow, the sound is so fantastic.Details from the back plate of one of the speakers is: H 11 B.R. # 17. S/N 111394154. Inspected by A. Biddle? Tested by Ron Tasch? Prior to this I was a Bose 901 fan but not any more. I am delighted with them. Any info on date of build would be appreciated Thanks Andrew
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