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  1. I think I get this, the RCA outs on my powergate are not line out, but rather analog output that might go, for example, into a sub-woofer and, in this way, volume on the powergate adjusts volume at the sub. I assume that is exactly how the LFE works, and I am not surprised or disappointed. Can someone explain if it's common or necessary for a sub-woofer to take left and right analog/RCA ins? What I'd like to do is use that RCA connection as a line-out to a computer so that I can enjoy the high quality analog to digital of the powergate and record vinyl with my computer (heck a digital out from the power gate to the computer would be better, but the PowerGate shows only as an output not an input for my mac...any ideas?) As it stands, I certainly could use the power gate's analog RCA outs as inputs to my computer, but I have to crank the volume on the powergate or there's nothing to record!
  2. I have my mac connected to the USB in of a PowerGate. I can then select "Klipsch PowerGate" as one of my audio outputs, and that works just fine. Occasionally however, it is not available in the list. In an effort to track down this problem I noticed that when I plug the PowerGate into a USB3 hub which happens to have indicators showing active USB ports, the port does not light up, which for me indicates that the problem may be in the PowerGate. I can turn the device on and off, cycle through inputs; I even tried a factory reset at one point...no help. The simple solution appears to be plugging and plugging the PowerGate from AC/mains. Anything short of that has not helped. Anyone else have this problem or similar? Any suggestions?
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