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  1. They look awesome! Nice score. I would build some risers for them, (stock height/size.) On there risers they sound so much more complete, better mids, highs, and bass integration. Eventually I would upgrade the capacitors in the crossover. Greg
  2. What type of music do you listen to?
  3. Hi Glen, how does the heresy compare to your living voice speakers? Greg
  4. Hi John, Please don't be so disrespectful, as it doesn't serve the forum in a positive way. Cheers, Greg
  5. I suggest a double run of Audio Note Lexus. It is great sounding copper litz speaker cable. A bit pricey and worth it. Just like putting quality wheels and tires on your ride.
  6. I would give mike sanders at Quick Silver Audio a call. He likes and uses Cornwalls, plus he built your amps.
  7. I would suggest upgrading the 2uf and 5uf capacitors to Jupiter VT capacitors. I replaced Sonicap capacitors with Jupiters in My Cornwall type B crossovers. The difference was awesome, smoother, more detail, way, way better. I will never listen to my Cornwalls with the Sonicaps again.
  8. I put some Jupiter VT caps in the crossover. They have been in use for a couple of weeks. I also have a pair of 2uf Arizona Blue Cactus caps that I am going to try for the upper horn. I'm going to put them in, in the next couple of weeks.
  9. The only thing worse is not knowing about it..
  10. Hello everyone, I tried the Jupiter VT caps oriented both ways. I like the sound better with the outer foil towards the source. The music sounds smoother and seems to flow better, far more enjoyable. Regards, Greg
  11. Thanks every one! Sounds like the orientation of where outer foil is connected is not audible. I will install the caps in the same direction in both crossovers. Regards, Kreg
  12. Hello, I have purchased some new capacitors for a pair of Klipsch type B crossovers. I am looking for advise as to how to install the caps so that the outer foil is connected correctly in the crossover. Thanks, Kreg
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