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  1. Here is a relatively new fabric called "Cane". It is really an imitation meant to look like cane. Bob Crites
  2. Well, this is a bit complicated. Originally the APT-50 Eminence sold was the Tonsil driver. So, yes I started out using the APT-50. When Eminence had a clone made of the Tonsil driver, they sent me a sample and it was junk, just plain not usable. So, I contacted Tonsil in Poland and had them make that original driver for me, so I have always used the Tonsil driver. The APT-50 that Eminence sells now is not interchangeable at all with the Tonsil driver. Even the mounting threads are different. Bob Crites
  3. Actually that is Al's fault. You just repeated what he says on his website. He can't seem to get that figured out and make the correction on his website. Bob Crites
  4. Mike, The CT125 has NEVER used the driver you show in this post. That driver is pure junk. The CT125 uses a driver made by Tonsil in Poland. The one you show is a clone of the original Tonsil driver Eminence had made in Asia. Bob Crites
  5. Well, I think this is fixed now. Seems it was a hack of the server on Godaddy. Specifically looks like a hack to redirect traffic to a different website, but the hackers were fairly inept and redirected to a non-existent website. Whoever those worthless turkeys are, they owe me about 4 hours of my Saturday back that it took me to get this fixed. Anyway, a Google search for Crites Speakers now gives working links. Bob Crites
  6. But, it is google, bing and yahoo. What is common there?
  7. Godaddy is hosting. Talked to them a lot this morning. They cannot find anything wrong on their side. What makes this really strange is that only the major search engines like google, bing or Yahoo show this problem. Try any minor search engine like duckduckgo or dogpile or AOL and no problem with any of them. I am very confused.
  8. Also works on a search on www.dogpile.com This is strange
  9. Some of the tweeter diaphragm had that and some did not. Probably only phenolic made by one of the companies that made them for Klipsch. Bob Crites
  10. This is wrong at least for the diaphragm the OP is talking about. That fiber or anything else touching that extremely delicate titanium dome will damage it. Even a fluffy cotton ball will damage it. Bob Crites
  11. I have a pair of The Sixes. I am truly amazed at how good those little speakers sound. Bob Crites
  12. Tangent 5000 Schematic. Bob Crites T-5000.pdf
  13. I think that stuff is usually called MDO. Medium Density Overlay. It is plywood with a resin overlay on both sides. I was told a main use for it was for highway signs.
  14. According to report from a customer of mine it is quite irritating to the eyes. He opened up the back of his old Heresy, saw the yellow powder, took a deep breath, got as close as he could to the back of the tweeter then blew as hard as he could. Said he got a pretty even coating of the yellow powder on his face including the eyes. Spent quite awhile with eyes under a faucet trying to wash that out.
  15. On the yellow powder subject, I see that on most of the K-77s that age or older. I guess it is some sort of oxidation of whatever coating is on the tweeter. Bob Crites
  16. Just for clarity, the crossover may have been modified with parts from me, but what I see in that picture, is NOT my work. Bob Crites
  17. I have not run into a bad diaphragm on a K-55M that still worked. On some very old K-55Vs, I have seen that they tend to loose output in the area below 1000hz. In that case, a new diaphragm fixes them. As they age, we may see more problems with the K-55M. Also as they age, the plastic ring you have to reuse on the K-55V diaphragm to use it as a replacement on the K-55M gets more and more brittle. When one breaks, not sure what the next move is.
  18. Yes, there is a better driver, the A-55G. But, look into the plastic back plate on the K-55M. It could be loose as Mookie said in his post above. Usually that shows up as a buzz, but could possibly just cause distortion.
  19. There are no diaphragms available for the K-55M. I have managed to modify K-55V diaphragm to use in the K-55M, but that is a tricky procedure and probably not a good thing to do as long as yours are working. Bob Crites
  20. On the K-43, have you asked Klipsch if they have the recone kits. They used to have them. In fact I have a couple of the K-43 recone kits I bought from Klipsch a few years ago. Bob Crites
  21. And they will only make those kits as an addition to an order for the woofers.
  22. Here is a little tip about mounting the steel core inductor. If you use a steel screw (one that can be picked up with a magnet) through the core to mount these, you will actually add a bit of core mass and that increases the amount of inductance. I ran into this one time using that style inductor and the increase was enough to effect how the circuit worked. This can be solved by using a brass screw or a stainless steel screw. Bob Crites
  23. What I get from them is the 4 X 8 sheets of Russian Birch. It is 18mm in thickness which is about .71 inch thickness.
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