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  1. I bought these new in 2014. They were used in a home theater setup, sound very good. They are in excellent condition, no scratches or anything wrong with them. The grills are perfect as well. Asking $300. and you pick them up, in the Memphis area, too heavy to ship plus don't have the boxes.
  2. So, what happened with the sub build? How did it work out for you? Curious.
  3. Yes, cost. I got the R-820's for $250 each. Regular $450 each. Quite a savings for hopefully will be a great sounding speaker for the price.
  4. I just ordered a pair of the R 820F. I saw somewhere it said the sale ends tomorrow. This seems to be a pretty good deal. I currently have a pair of F30's from the synergy line as my mains, RP-450C as center, 2 R-12SW subs, 2 RP-160M as surrounds and 2 R-15M as front height. Think the 820F's will be a better fit than the F30's? If nothing else, im all copper now lol.
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