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  1. Ahhhh, I forgot to say I'm in Australia where they go for around AU $2500.
  2. No Longer Available MINT Condition.
  3. For anyone interested Down Under - Mint Condition, Very New. Current Model. Would suit someone wanting to buy brand new. Perfectly fitting companion to the 316BEE style amp (not included in this listing and not for sale) Reason for selling, upgrading to the C568. Includes Remote & is in original box/packaging. Price AU $350
  4. Thank's for the welcome and replies. A larger amp will happen next year, that's why I'm looking at floor standing. At that time the 316BEE will moved to a smaller room or used in a desktop setting with a computer though it will still have a CD player for quality. Are the current PR bookshelves ok for use on a desktop with them being only a couple feet from my ears or do they need space to develop their sound ? I guess I'm asking if they are suited to near field listening.
  5. A search found me this thread so here's my first post bringing back an eight year old thread. I too am purchasing the said amp but in today's V2 incarnation (phono input I think is the update, power remains the same). Is 40W enough to comfortably drive the latest floor standing reference series RP5000F, RP6000F & RP8000F ? Is there much difference in sound between the 5000 & 6000 and is it worth the extra $'s for the 6000 with a 40w amp ?
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