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  1. just looked it up $295.. let me digest that honestly i didn't think it would be that much but i can be unrealistic sometimes, if i decided to move forward i would you want paid?
  2. I understand,, Thanks for getting back to me, Ill look into your suggestion, I have no idea how much they would cost to ship. if I gave you $800 would that intice you at all to possibly help consider helping me ship?
  3. Can I talk u into shipping... Please .. springfield mo
  4. mjohn


    They look awesome, I wish you were a Little closer to Springfield MO
  5. And Welcome Rob, this forum is great, Im new here as well and for the short time I've been a member everyone I've encountered has been knowledgable and eager to help or answer any question a person might have.
  6. Im thinking those chorus would be a great addition to my klipschorns 🙂
  7. I know this is a older posed listing, did you ever sell them?
  8. Aww No faith Budman, I will have you all know after a 10 hour road trip today they are home safe with me and they are perfect, I have the original receipt/misc paper work and brochures, Today was only the second time these beautys have been transported, I have to admit Im worn out but couldn't be more excited, after I get them set up Ill post some pics, I would like to thank everyone again for all the help
  9. Guys thanks for all the help its greatly appreciated, Ill keep all of you posted on how Sunday goes,and If they do get ridiculous and I have to pass maybe you fine people will be able to find a pair. I feel like ill be going up against the little rock klipsch mafia..lol
  10. I'm in Springfield mo so their only a couple hours away
  11. If I get them their going in my music room Ive been wanting a pair of these my entire life and finally have a place to put them.... these look very nice.. Ive been looking and kinda have an idea of what they should go for but do you mind if I ask your opinion on what a fair price would be?
  12. Looking for consecutive number A+++ horns or chorus II, In or relatively close to Missouri, Thanks Mike
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