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  1. Ended up getting them and a pretty good but same age Denon receiver. Didn’t get any great deal but I am definitely enjoying them! It was definitely worth it. I’m in Denver and there is too much money here (unfortunately not mine)... this makes deals so rare, unfortunately Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi guys! First post here. I am into DIY audio but never have had any good commercial speaker to compare to. Never had a horn either so, on a tight budget I found a pair of RF35s for sale. They caught my attention but they're not perfect. That's why I came here for advice: The asking price is $300 for the pair, given the conditions below. Is that a fair price? 1- The from plastic cover is scratched pretty bad. I am good with paint correction and could definitely fix that. I just wanted to make sure I won't mess anything up by painting the horn. Mind you I'm using spray paint and a very light coat. The scratch is not on the horn but I'd rather repaint the whole panel. 2- The grill has a tear so it would need re-upholstered. I can also do that but probably won't use the grills anyway 3- The worse part is a little bump on one of the corners, I attached the picture here. Are these made of particle board or MDF? Is there any way to fix this? I'm trying to get this as WAF friendly as possible and this is a problem I'd need fixed. I'm pretty handy with wood but I never dealt with vinyl. I would try to pry the vinyl away, fix the corner and reglue. What do you guys think about it? Budget is pretty tight, please keep that in mind.
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