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  1. Could one build the tuba home theater as a riser for the LaScalas? On the dance floor, I'd love to raise mine up at standing ear level, and add some bass. Currently, there is a sacrificial pair acting as speaker stands.
  2. Couple of observations... La scalas stacked on top of la scales (tops are not flipped). Tops hooked to a pair of MC30s. Bottoms to a refurbished Sansui eight. These two sets of speakers sound vurtually the same, hooked up to the same source. Same mods / upgrades. One set is early 70s, one set is early 80s. Tops alone sound better than all four. Tops have a TON more bass when stacked, even with the bottoms not powered. Tops sound better than the bottoms when either are hooked to the mc30s. Early conclusions... I need another set of mc30s. The bottoms are an expensive set of speaker stands. All four together, stacked, are LOUDER, not better. The jury is still out on what it will sound like with 100+ bodies in here.
  3. As a follow up... Stacking La Scales, with a goal of getting the mid and highs over the crowd, leave them both right side up? I've only seen speakers stacked with the top one inverted, to keep the tweets and mids close together, but that doesn't buy me a lot of height.
  4. No Doubt! But it's my daily listen 5 to 6 days a week and a venue system 1 or 2. I'm actually looking hard for another set of MC30's for the second set of La Scalas. Vintage is also key here. Our venue has a retro vibe, with several vintage stereo setups (all playing at the same time). That is during cocktail hour, and events that do not have dance floor. It's surprising how many mostly disinterested grooms walk in, light up and declare "This is the Place".
  5. That could be a factor at times, but we can turn them off individually. It sounds fantastic when the room isn't full of people. I think the mids and highs are just getting lost in the bodies.
  6. Generally, we have respectful, well behaved guests. We target a more mature market. But, it only takes one. Anything we stack or have raised will be well supported.
  7. What issues? I thought la scales were intended for pa use.
  8. Hey! Looking for a little input. We have a small (2900 sq ft) venue for weddings, rehearsal dinners, etc. We also throw an occasional Loft Party. Our current dance floor setup is a pair of La Scalas, a Pair of Cornwalls, and a Pair of JBL Theater Subs. McIntosh MC30's with a Mc 4100 Receiver as preamp. There are also a pari of Chorus across the room facing the rest of the setup. All in all, sounds pretty fantastic. UNTIL, you had a 100 guests or so... Then the highs and mids suffer considerably. I have just picked up a second set of matching La Scalas that will be stacked on top of the first set. Not sure this will be enough, so I'd like any thoughts you may have on adding some wall mounted speakers up high. I do have KP 250s available, as well as JBL 4312. We do play this all LOUD on dance nights. I want to make sure the smaller, higher speakers can keep up. Thanks in advance! john I attached a pic of a recent setup. Things have changes a little since....
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