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  1. Hello S. :-) Yes, i got the information from Klipsch support that Klipsch Atmos speakers just in case Upfireing switch to „ATMOS“-Mode. If the speakers are mounted on wall/ height they have to switch in „SURR“ Mode. (in case of ATMOS configuration of your receiver as well) Actually i use 5.4.1 configuration After a couple of weeks using this configuration wall mounted (with an AVR Denon X-4500) Atmos sound is really great![emoji4] Br Wolfi
  2. Has nobody any idea regarding the Switch-Position (ATMOS or SURR) if the speakers are wall mounted ? for using as ATMOS Speakers. br W.
  3. yes, RP 140SA i already have and i'm fine. 🙂 question about the RP-500SA..... you say you've mounted on wall as well. which Switch Position do you use? (ATMOS or SURR)? and another question ist, whether it's DOLBY ATMOS certified if the ATMOS Speakers behind are upfireing and inf front the Atmos sound comes from height? or ist it irrelevant?
  4. Hi, i want to change my speaker setup to a 5.1.4 Setup/ Configuration. Actually i have 2 Dolby Atmos Enabled Speaker (RP-140SA) in front (upfire mode) with the Denon AVR-X4500. In future i want to buy the RP-500SA as Dolby Atmos FRONT HEIGHT Speakers (WallMount) and farther use the RP-140SA Speakers as Dolby Atmos Enable Speakers (upfire) behind me. 1. Question: is it possible to use in front Dolby Atmos Speakers (Dolby Atmos Mode as well) as Front Height (RP-500SA) (WALLMOUNT) and behind Dolby Atmos Enable Speakers (Dolby Atmos Mode as well) 2. Question: if yes, which configuration (Switch-Position rear the RP-500SA speaker) is necessary for Dolby Atmos Mode as Front Height Speaker? "ATMOS" or "SURR" (i read many topics in foren and watched several videos but for me it's still not clear when i have to switch wich position for ATMOS Mode but mounted on WALL) THX! W.
  5. ok, thank you for feedback....so i will try some speaker placements. but one last question regarding Dolby Atmos: if the enable Atmos speakers are mounted on wall in front (FrontHighLeft and FrontHighRight) do we speaking from Dolby Atmos as well or not?
  6. Hi, i'm also willing to purchase the RP-140sa Dolby Enabled Atmos Speaker and i want to do wall mount. @mdsjeeper of course, there are much possibilitys to install speakers for dolby atoms in general with differents speakers configurations. But i think the main question for the RP-140sa series is, are there any sound disadvantages for Dolby Atoms sound if they configured as FrontHigh Speakers and installed on wall? Because this models are defined as Dolby Atmos ENABLED (Upfire) speakers. In the RP-140sa documentation Wall mounting is listed as well. so i'm a little bit confused related Dolby Atmos and wall mounting with this series. (for which sound configuration is wall mounting?) br
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