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  1. Sorry gang, eBay is looking pretty promising now. Thanks for those of you that provided advice. If you were interested, the eBay bid is still live for another 4 days https://www.ebay.com/itm/132947488450
  2. Fair enough. I pulled the craigslist ad for now. I know my dad would prefer one of you guys to have them. And as I mentioned CL would be last ditch. Apologies, I'm new to the site (obviously). Oh, the dents in the woofer.. Yea, still in tact, but I guess there are some bumps there (likely from us kids when we were younger), they still sound pretty good to the untrained ear I suppose.. We are definitely willing to negotiate on price, and likely even more so if nothing materializes on the first round of bids on Ebay. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. Appreciate interested buyers. Criticisms best left in alternate forum. I work 70 hours a week have two young kids, and I'm trying to sell these for my dad, hince the multiplatform pitch. Craigslist was last ditch and not likely to materialize. Ebay is going great, with much fewer snide comments. Nothing smashed on either speaker. There are stains and chips in the paint.
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