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  1. Jimjimbo. Over the weekend I summarized the information I accumulated from the knowledgeable members of this forum, including ballpark pricing he could expect. As I understand, at this time, the musician might give the speakers away to someone who really wants them but has no money. All this leaves me somewhat perplexed. And thus I am in a holding pattern on marketing them. There is a slight possibility I may have misunderstood his thoughts, as due to one of his medical issues, his speech can be difficult to understand, especially on a phone call. Stay tuned!
  2. Jimimbo! Your response above made me laugh--thx. This as on top of my initial question, which you were replying to, I was befuddled by your response about a FB account. Another mystery. I googled and cracked up upon discovery you were talking about Facebook. More or less I am not a Facebook user. I opened a FB account a long time ago solely to access photos a friend took. Their marketplace sounds like a good use of Facebook.
  3. Howdy Frzninvt, No, of course whether the input cup says HI or HIP does not bug me. If you read my original entry in this post, along with my follow up questions, you'll comprehend I am but endeavoring to become educated by the fine and knowledgeable members of this forum so I can best help a musician who is in need. That's my sole goal! But thx for your description of your speaker pair.
  4. Hey Rplace, Much thanks for your informative reply. As my friend's speakers have a port, but are labeled Type HI instead of Type HIP, this may seem to be a one-off mistake with Klipsch using an incorrectly labeled input cup. But, as mentioned in my initial post to this thread, forum member triceatops has the identical speaker with the same Type HI indicated on his speaker's input cups. If a mistake, possibly Klipsch mislabeled all Heresy Industrial Port speakers made that day (triceatops's serial numbers are 1320 and 1321; serial number of my friend's speaker in the photo is 1324). I have not discussed pricing with the musician. He could really use the money though suspect he'd be pleased with a win-win sales price. Yeah, I've sold lots of LPs on ebay so am familiar with potential issues with some buyers. But except for 3 or so buyers I've dealt with good people. Maybe that is a common characteristic with music (and LP) lovers. Whereas selling a commercial espresso machine had a different type of results! Rplace, there is something I can't peg that is familiar about your 47 West 63rd address. 🙂 and !!! Am I right your mention of "Analogue = Basis" indicates you own a Basis turntable? If so, which model? I've had a happy relationship with Basis turntables, having owned 4 of their 'tables with the 1st acquired about the late 1980's. Thanks!
  5. Howdy Jimjimbo. Thanks. What is the FB Marketplace you refer to? Right-O, I'd definitely prefer to have these speakers sold such that the buyer picks them up. I am more than happy to assist this musician selling his speakers. But, would not look forward to being responsible for shipping them. Would be time consuming to properly double box them and deal with dragging them to the post office. But if a buyer willing to pick them up does not happen, I'd hate for the musician to be unable to turn them into some money. And then it might fall on me to deal with packaging and shipping and dealing with ebay and such.
  6. Hi John. Thx for the information. I have a question that I've been unable to find an answer for. What does the HI refer to that is indicated on this speaker's input cup? And how should a Type HI speaker differ from a HIP speaker?
  7. Howdy. I'm adding another photo that should show the port better than in the photo I initially posted. These speakers are in Buffalo NY. I have not as yet dealt with the cost of proper packaging nor determining ship weight. First I was endeavoring to receive basic info such as ballpark value and where to market them. Then relay that info to the musician and let him decide where to go from there. Suspect, if you guys think someone on this site will be interested, he will OK me to market them on this forum. Any questions please let me know. Much thanks for the comments to date.
  8. Howdy Everybody, I'm assisting a professional musician with his pair of Heresy Industrial speakers. He has several serious medical issues resulting in an inability to perform, only one of which is a complete loss of hearing in one ear. It is time for him to raise some cash by selling well-loved items he's no longer able to use--starting with these speakers. I am familiar with and like standard Heresys, but am unfamiliar with Industrial versions. I'd appreciate help from forum members. From research, I was fascinated at finding a thread from 2007 (started by triceatops) about his then just acquired pair of Heresy Industrials. See: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/87919-heresy-industrial-ported/ This musician's speakers are identical to triceatops. Serial Numbers of triceatops's pair are 1320 and 1321. I only examined one of the musician's speakers; it has a 1324 Serial Number. Likely the other one is 1325. If true, the musician's speakers are the 2nd pair of Industrials manufactured after triceatops's pair. After all these years subsequent to their production, I find it a remarkable coincidence that triceatops and the musician's "sibling speakers" are still in existence and are discussed on this forum! Triceatops asked a question in his tread that I did not see a reply to. I have the same question. His speakers are designated Heresy Industrial Type HI rather than Type HIP. Are these Heresy Industrial Ported speakers (HIP) that for some reason Klipsch calls Type HI or are they different from HIP's? If so, how are they different? Any suggestions on where to market them? Is it but the usual suspects of ebay, Craigslist, or less likely Audiogon? With the expertise on this forum, can anyone ballpark their value assuming all drivers work? Given their early vintage are the drivers within known? Or do I need to check out which ones, and possibly which crossover, are used prior to receiving a ballpark value? I read that Bob Crites has a post on Heresy Industrial serial numbers. I've searched but cannot find it. Could someone please post a link to his post? Much thanks for your kind assistance. 🙂
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