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  1. Yeah, I may have misspoke on the total budget, but overall I've been looking at RP-5000F for the LCR setup... probably a pair of SVS subs and whatever else for the surrounds. I appreciate your DIY suggestion, but we will only be about 10-11ft from the screen. I don't think I need more than 3 Klipsch towers and 2 subs up front. 🙂 Plus, I don't have time to sit around and put speakers together, unless there is a consensus that DIY speakers will far outperform 3 Klipsch towers. Anyone?
  2. By the way... this is where the AT screen will be going... the stage will be cut out and built back to the wall behind it.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts. I've been down the construction route before with our upstairs remodel. We prewired for everything upstairs. The big unknown for me right now is the AT screen and front speaker selection. I am trying to build the "stage" for the behind the screen speakers (LCR) and subs, as well as figure out how to frame for the screen. Right now I'm planning on building the stage to a height of 24". The depth for behind the stage speakers is about 30". We are not doing any elevated seating. Everything in the room in ground level seating. - At this stage height of 24"... can I still do towers, even though the tweeters would be above ear level? - Budget is a little of an unknown at the moment. Not huge. Probably around $250 - $300 for each LCR... roughly the same for subs... a bit less for surrounds. - AT screen needs to be DIY. Cost?? not sure yet. 110" seems to be the max I can fit on the wall. - Projector will probably be a modest 1080p for now. 4k is way too much $$.
  4. Hi all! I'm a little under the gun on time, but I am looking for some advice on a HT setup in a family room basement "to-be". (currently studs and a bare concrete floor but being finished off in the next couple of weeks) I've attached a quick graph drawing of the space. As a note... there is about 2 feet or so of walking space behind the wall with the angles at the top of the page, and lots of space on the right side, which is nicely indicated by the squiggly lines. 😉 FYI... this is NOT a "theater seating" setup. Probably doing a sectional couch with a bar-height tabletop behind it with chairs. So here's my questioning/thinking: Speaker Plan: 5.1 to start with. Maybe upgrading to 7.1, 7.2, or some Atmos option later Video: undecided Main Focus: Video source and LCR decision. Surrounds and sub seem pretty straight forward for me. It's not my first rodeo, but the idea of projection and/or tower configuration for LCR are new. 1 - This is also a family room w/ kiddos... how can I set it up in a way that fits both theater AND family room well? 2 - Given the layout, should we go projector and fixed screen OR large TV? 2a) if projector, should I do fixed AT screen with speakers behind it OR standard fixed screen with speakers NOT behind it? 3 - Given the room size and video decision, should I do a LCR in 3 towers? Bookshelfs? 2 towers and a normal center? Other ideas? The 3 towers only works if I choose an AT screen I believe. Oh... I'm a Klipsch fan, so this is all Klipsch audio for me. 🙂 Thanks a ton for your input. It's definitely valued!
  5. Yeah, I've noticed. 🙂 I've been a big reader of these forums over the years and have definitely noticed that. I'll do that... with an open mind! Thanks.
  6. Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. I'm feeling a little under the gun on construction timing and the design and build of the theater features are up to me. Since I see that you guys are regulars on here, I'll ask... is it worth starting a new thread to ask for some input on the entire design setup? Is that over-asking? My goal is to build what I would call a modest home theater room. Not completely dedicated, but well built and inviting. I have lots of ideas, but nowhere to go with them out here! 🙂 I'm in Northern WI and not a lot of Audio enthusiasts around. HAHA.... most like to hunt and snowmobile. 😉
  7. Appreciate the welcome. Is there a point where a speaker can't really fully "extend" itself? I'd be the last to talk myself out of a bigger speaker, but I just want the right sound for the room. What setup would anyone recommend for a room of that size? To maximize floor space, we'll probably do a sectional against the back wall and side, so there's plenty of space on the floor for the kiddos!
  8. Greetings everyone! I'm new to this forum, but I've really wanted to give it a try. About 10 years ago we purchased our first Klipsch 5.1 setup for our living room: L/R - Synergy F-1's (bi-amped on a 7.2 Yamaha) C - Synergy C-2 Sur - Synergy S-1's SW - Sub-12 Open floor dimensions: 24' W x 28' L x 8' H (living room, kitchen, dining room) The setup is great! No complaints, and the sound is amazing in our open floor-plan living room space. I'm very aware that in today's Klipsch world, this is considered entry level into the "floorstander" world. A single 6.5" woofer on the floors, dual 5.25" for the center, and dual 4"' for the surrounds. But this sub I got for a steal and really fills the whole open floor area... even beyond the "living room". NOW... with that said, we are finishing our basement and will have a dedicated family room that is completely separated off from everything else. It has a 5' wide hallway that enters the back of the room. This will have a huge, solid door to close if needed (for sound). The new room will be 16' W x 18' L x 8' H...... So my question is this: How small of a room is considered TOO SMALL for bigger speakers like the RP-280F? I want to maximize my bang for buck. Not just get the biggest speakers because they "fit". We are strongly considering upgrading to the RP line for the basement. I'd like a great home theater experience, but I don't need an overkill. If the biggest, baddest speakers won't sound great in a small room, I don't want to waste my money on them. Does that make sense? We'd like to be able to maximize whatever purchases we decide to make. Thanks in advance! I love the Klipsch sound. :-)
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