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  1. I've been loving my klipschorn with Deang's crossovers. Nice combo. glws.
  2. I have Deang's crossovers in my Khorns and my LS. Made the speakers sing and me dance!
  3. Similar to the ones ('77) I bought for 2,500. In fact I'm listening to them right now.
  4. Wow! Must have been pretty hard to let go...humanity at its best.
  5. Recently acquired Deang's Jupiter crossovers for my LaScalas. The sound is stunning. Hope everything is ok Deang, do get some rest and relaxation. I just bought a pair of 1977 khorns, so I'll quietly wait for your return. Thanks again Dean, Tony
  6. Thanks guys for the heads up.
  7. Just bought the blonde set. KC- BR 11R761 11R762 They're lacquered, nice honey color. Great shape, 2 little chips on bottom of one speaker and a little sanding on top otherwise looking pretty good. Xo AA and he thru in 4 jantzen audio 2.2uF 400 caps and 2 PW 12.5 uF. 370/440 Vac oval caps. Really nice person. What do you think? Tony
  8. No problem. Just received Deang's Jupiter crossovers as we were speaking. Must install now! Maybe in the future we can trade, or I can wait until you post them again. Good luck with your search.
  9. Understood. Probably similar condition as my lascalas. I was thinking of renting a Subarban, but they would have to be disassembled. At least the top hats. Also, my son is still in college, so we might not be able to get out there for a few weeks. How's your storage if necessary?
  10. Sorry. Senior moment. 10 hr drive...I'm in Philadelphia. I do like them alot. I have to think seriously about this. Tony
  11. My apologies, but I can't find you location.
  12. Thanks again GrapplesInStereo. The Audion amp and the Decware preamp are working beautifully with my lascalas.
  13. Thank you GrapplesInStereo. Nice little preamp.
  14. Don't want to interfere with opusk2k9, but I am interested in the El34 and the csp2+. Has to be mailed. Sorry. PM me if that's ok.
  15. Thanks billybob, I just missed out on a nice pair of khorns, so I thought of just doing working on my la scaLas. I did pm him (I think?) and sent him a email.
  16. Thank you opusk2k9, I was trying to decide on alk or crites. I think dean aa will solve my problem.
  17. Nice. Will they work on '83 La scalas?
  18. DizRotus. Thank you for the help. Greatly appreciated.
  19. New to this. Not sure on procedure. But I am interested in these khorns if situation changes. Thank you.
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