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  1. Just bought the blonde set. 

    KC- BR



    They're lacquered, nice honey color. Great shape, 2 little chips on bottom of one speaker and a little sanding on top otherwise looking pretty good. Xo AA and he thru in 4 jantzen audio 2.2uF 400 caps and 2 PW 12.5 uF. 370/440 Vac oval caps. Really nice person. What do you think? 



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  2. Understood. Probably similar condition as my lascalas. I was thinking of renting a Subarban, but they would have to be disassembled. At least the top hats. Also, my son is still in college, so we might not be able to get out there for a few weeks. How's your storage if necessary?

  3. 1 minute ago, billybob said:

    You may want to PM or personal message the seller. Just put mouse on his avatar and hover...seller will receive your message in a private form as well...

    Thanks billybob, I just missed out on a nice pair of khorns, so I thought of just doing working on my la scaLas. I did pm him (I think?) and sent him a email.

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