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  1. Well I swapped the speakers from side to side and played some random streaming service and it seems to be gone, wife says its gone anyway. I was playing Radio Paradise when it showed up. I have a MingDa MC-7 Tube Pre with a Schitt DAC and a Bryston 2B-LP with a Microsoft surface hooked to the DAC.I will need to do further testing but right now does not look like it is the speakers. I have the same setup playing through some EV Aristocrats with no issue though.
  2. Have not tried swapping sides but a good idea, will do that next, then try another amp. Thanks
  3. Hello, been an avid reader but never posted. I recently purchased a pair of KLF20 that need a little TLC. I noticed one of the mids gets a little static when I just turn it up a little. Not constant but definitely noticeable. I figured probably needs a new diaphragm but I had a K55-V laying around and decided to hook it up in it's place and I noticed the same static. This is only on one speaker, the other is fine. So could this be something with the crossover?
  4. The Pony Express idea is a great one. Man that opens up opportunities for all.
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