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  1. Funny you mention this. I went by Best Buy just to preview a few soundbars that I had been reading about. (Klipsch, Samsung, and Sonos) The only one that impressed me was the Sonos. I opted to give it a shot knowing I could return it if needed. With just the playbar it does pretty much what I want it to. I have no doubt that it will be better with a couple Play 1's and the sub. Thank you all for the help. I think this will resolve my issue!
  2. The book shelf speakers are plenty on the full system. I'm trying to clean up the den and remove the extra wires. That setup will be moved to a different room.
  3. Yes it is a home theater. With the bookshelf speakers I have a slot ported sub with 2 12" drivers and a 70" sharp LED. I like it bass heavy. Which is probably why I have trouble hearing the soundbar.
  4. Nobody has any experience with this? I'm not an audiophile. I just want to be able to hear it clearly. I have 2 Klipsch bookshelf speakers in there now and I would leave them if it could be neatly done. This house is over 100 years old and no way to conceal wires without sheetrock/shiplap work.
  5. Good morning all, I currently have an older Klipsch soundbar. (I believe it is the r10b) This room is fairly large (20x20 w/ 10'6" ceilings) and has large pocket doors on either end that open up to the rest of the main level of the house. The current setup sounds fine as long as I am the only one home. When my wife and son are home there is always background noise that I can't overcome with volume from this sound bar. My question is, will one of the new higher end soundbars perform much better in this situation? (RSB-11 or RSB-14)
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