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  1. I have AL-3’s in my 1990’ish La Scala’s with original drivers. The networks were recapped by me (were original upon my purchase) with sonicap caps from Crites. After listening to them stock for around 3 months, upgraded to SMAHL tweeters with B&C DE 120’s, as well as the Type A/4500 network from Crites (time aligned á la Marvel- tweeters mounted to lenses placed on top and to rear of the La Scala). The sound was somewhat jarring at first, but after a/b testing (no measurement equipment, just ears), I really liked the Type A/4500 with DE 120 combination. Eventually, I went with a Volti 2” horn with ALK Universal Networks, keeping the La Scala bass bin only. A great deal on Peavey FH-1’s came up and am now using the ALK Universal, DE 120, Volti 2”, FH-1 combination. Did some A/B (again, no measurement equipment, just ears), with the brother in law between my current setup and the La Scala’s- the La Scala with AL-3 did very well against my current setup, although a bit more compressed sounding to my ears. I know I didn’t answer your question regarding Type AA’s, but wanted to share my experience using AL-3’s.
  2. Exciting progress, keep up the stellar work!
  3. Thank you for keeping us posted, really enjoy watching the progress.
  4. Looking great, thanks for posting!
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