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  1. Another thought I had everyone - anyone ever experiment with isolation of your Forte III’s? I was thinking of getting some granite slabs to put underneath them to help prevent vibration from the floor. Any thoughts are appreciated👍🏻
  2. Well guys, I am impressed more and more by these speakers every time I listen to them. I think I finally got the positioning down. Very slight toe-in, about 14 inches from side walls, 7-ish feet apart and 9-10 inches from wall behind the speakers. Soundstage is HUGE, fills the room, and music just washes over you with emotion and detail. Best speakers I’ve ever purchased 👍🏻
  3. Thanks man! Appreciate your comments along with everyone else’s. I would definitely agree, still working on the positioning as well. We will get it down with perseverance 👍🏻 And yeah vinyl is sounding pretty awesome on mine! Definitely an improvement over the old speakers.
  4. Good idea, I’ll give that a shot thanks! How far are yours from the wall behind them?
  5. I’m using an Emotiva TA-100 integrated amplifier that I’ve had for over a year now. With Lounge Audio LCR-MKiii phono stage and their “Copla” step-up amp for my MC cartridge. Do you think upgrading my amplifier would lead to an improvement in the sound from my Forte’s? I don’t really know if Emotiva is considered “high-end” vs middle of the road? Thanks.
  6. Thanks! So happy with these speakers so far. Definitely endgame for me for speakers haha. Still playing around with the positioning, they’re like 19-20 inches from the back wall now. Sounding great, I think I’ll keep them here at least for tonight👍🏻 Any more thoughts from anyone are much appreciated thanks!!
  7. So I recently upgraded my Klipsch RP-150M bookshelf speakers that I had for about 3 years to the Forte III’s in my audio setup a few days ago. Wow...all I have to say, biggest improvement I have seen so far! I have been experimenting with placement, currently have them about 12-13inches from the back wall in my apt., slight toe-in and 6-7 feet apart. They are about 13 feet from main listening position. Sounding pretty good but does anyone have any recommendations for me to improve the sound more? Also I have heard that these speakers need time to break in to sound their best, is this true? Any and all comments are appreciated!👍🏻 - Matt
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