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  1. Yeah I think you are correct Glens, seems strange that they have gone to trouble of creating windows usb audio drivers for playback only. I guess i will have to use it as a play-fi phono preamp, still brings my sl1200 turntable into my multi room setup. thanks for your time Dude...
  2. I am certain the Powergate will become an external PC Soundcard via the usb connection so it will function as i want, it is just stumping me why Klipsch have supplied 2 x ethernet ports? When in reality you only need to connect to the network with one for it to receive a stream from the PC unless the powergate has ethernet dual link aggregation...
  3. I have the Play-Fi app on my PC but only have Play-Fi speakers, I'm just curious what options that app will give me if i connect the PC to the Powergate via play-fi. will it be an in out connection or just a broadcast output from the PC to the Powergate like i have now with my speakers...
  4. Hi Klipsch peoples, Is it possible to record a phono connection to a pc via the rj45/wifi? Or is that only posible thru the usb connection?
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