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    Bought mine over a year ago and still use them every day, never fails to impress. Thanks again!
  2. I was considering an identical HF setup (DE250/STH100) for a smaller 2-way I'm building. Could you tell me how you like it when getting that far?
  3. I really like the 396s, just not sure where to pick them up. Is there an online dealer for current lineup? I've been keeping an eye on ebay and the garage sale forum for the older models but not had much luck so far.
  4. Is there an alternative that does not involve making holes or running wires in the walls? I'd consider more floor standing speakers or stands, probably 10/12" woofer would be plenty. My neighbors can already hear my music when turned up (no I'm not in the room when I'm doing this) so the SPL is accounted for, just looking for timbre matching surrounds and center for an immersive movie experience.
  5. I acquired a set of KPT-456s about 6 months ago thanks to @Dave A and have been loving them every day since. The problem I'm encountering now is the itch to expand to a complementary 5.1 system. What would you recommend pairing these with for a center and rears? Possible output level for subwoofer?
  6. Update: I resolved the issue a day or two ago and have been testing my theory. I did attempt another set of speakers without issue, afterward I contacted Klipsch tech support for advice/crossover prints. The gentleman suggested attempting to bi-amp the speaker since he had this setup at home without issues. Bi-amping was successful and found a mis-landed wire on the capacitor in the crossover when re-wiring. Swapping the + on the terminals/speaker was the only change made. Lesson learned: This problem would have never shown up in a linear amplifier, only because i wanted to use a Class D amp was this problem present. Why the sound was not present on the Denon's inboard amp (also Class D) remains a mystery but that does explain why the thermal protection tripped regularly.
  7. Different model in the same series or different series all together? Mookie: The gentleman i purchased them from used a XLi800 and they sounded amazing. These amps are 2-ohm stable so this isn't even outside expected loading. I forgot to mention, the gain knobs do not affect this either. I've tried bare wire and banana plugs already, i'll try the speakon and get back to you.
  8. Background: I recently purchased a Crown XLS1002 to mate to a set of KPT-456s fed by a Denon X3400H. The Denon runs the KPTs reasonably well but is only designed for a 6 ohm load so the thermal management trips regularly when playing loud enough to be heard in other rooms. I was using the Crown as a subwoofer amp and had no issues as such but attempted to feed the mains through the Crown amplifier. Problem: I'm getting a horrific whistle (ears are still ringing the next day) from the amplifier with or without inputs attached to the amplifier and one or both speakers connected to the amplifier running in stereo mode with no crossover enabled. Guitar center (parts express was sold out) has kindly replaced the amp once with no change in symptoms and both times calling Crown has produced no understanding of the problem, just continue replacing the amplifier. Is there any diagnostics I can perform to help understand/alleviate the problem? Thanks!
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