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  1. I think Cornwall always had the fifteen's the Hersey has the 12's..
  2. Yeah I mean it sounds good in my room should be fine...
  3. The cap can be measured while in line with the circuit and the amp connected playing music correct?
  4. Would measuring the old caps before removal make sense? Could that be done with a regular multi meter?
  5. Thanks for the reply's I have Old Hersey's from the seventies and love them but I am curious. I was thinking of doing one reversible of course and listening and then checking out the old one that's not modified and seeing where I stand. I have a mono rig and love mono lp's so i can do this..
  6. Check out this record all acoustic bass from one of the best bassist playing today. http://www.hdtracks.com/catalog/product/view/id/747548/s/the-gleaners/category/22/
  7. Quite good the bass is very good the room is 16 x 18 with a ten foot ceiling I keep them away from the walls a bit. The mids and highs sound good and everything is as it should be..
  8. It is a 60's Gretsch kit 12 14 Toms 16 bass drum. 6.5x14 Gretsch snare drum a mix of K Zildjian Istanbul and Istanbul cymbals 22 " 20" 18" 8 splash and 14 hi hats Mics were over head askew and on the bass drum. Shure Beta -52 on the bass drum and 2 CAD wide diaphragm condenser mics overhead. Run through a small Alesis mixer to a Tascam Portastudio. Only effect was a bit of reverb.. You can download the file..
  9. I have this informal recording made at home 24 bit no compression or editing..
  10. So I have read a bunch on this and other forums and I am sure this has been covered before but I would like to hear from people who have recapped their crossovers. What do you hear? Are the improvements drastic what is your before and after story..
  11. Right we do but I respect your abilities Rembrandt or Paul Klee? Its all in what you like cheers...
  12. No I get it my background is as communications tech for 23 years and for a bit longer I have been a performing musician/ drummer covering many styles but primarily Jazz and improvised music for the last 15 years. So I have made a few recordings and got to be in the studio and stage environment,my father was a bit of a audiophile and technician by trade as well. The can of worms is where I thrive experimenting and damn the measurements has always been fun to me. Voicing things by ear has great merit I feel I have been around enough live instruments and used enough recording equipment to know what to expect in diminishing returns. Sound is in the ear of the beholder, The box is vented like the Cornwall minus the motor board in the bottom. No miracles needed if you have a creative sense and have been around the block a few times you get to see how much great sounding equipment can measure badly and vice versa. The sky's the limit, within reason no harm done. These cabinets by the way were made by Daystorm (50's 60's 70's?)and seem to be a cabinet that many Heath kit hobbyist etc. purchased for speaker building they measure 23 x 16 x 34...
  13. Hi Jeff, Yeah I have a TD-124 presently set up for mono with Rek O Kut 12" arm and a GE VR cartridge. I also have Technics SL 1100 with a Supex arm now running a Shure M3D. The pre is a Conrad Johnson PV-1 with a CJ MV-75 as well as a Dynaco ST-70. All amps are original no mods. Other sources McIntosh MR -55 Tuner, Sony 9000ES SACD/CD/DVD and Hi Res files via a laptop with a Musical Fidelity X-24 DAC.
  14. All components are in the above pictured cabinets, Bass drivers,squawker and the tweeter fit in pre cut holes in the baffle. They are arranged like a vertical Cornwall slightly off axis.
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