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  1. I got a trio of JBL 3677s. they are kinda huge, but the depth is shallower than both the THX and the heresies at only 11" deep. I am kind of limited of how far out I can build my baffle wall... and the midbass is incredible on the 3677s.
  2. yup, he's a 1 year old black and tan frenchie. I named him (Fart) Blakey after jazz legend Art Blakey
  3. I recently upgraded to pro cinema speakers in my HT. I had been using Heresy III LCRs and were holding on to a set of Ultra2 THX speakers for when i built my false wall. I've decided to sell both sets. I'm in the seattle area - 3X Klipsch Ultra2 650 LCR. 2 are new/open box and 1 is used with some scuffs on the bottom. - 2x Klipsch ultra 525 Surround. Asking $2500 for the set of 5 speakers above plus shipping. - 3X Klipsch Heresy III in Black Ash with boxes and shipping bags. These are like new. Asking $2000 + shipping (3 for price of 2 new and these are as good as new) - 1X Klipsch RC64 in blach ash. $600 + shipping yes.... my woofer is Copper and Black
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