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  1. Thank you. Coming from a Bose system and a 12 year old receiver I can see the duo and the type of sounds I missed all along. Can’t wait for rerun of all movies Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks everyone not sure what was the issue. I reset the whole thing including the projector (all are new by the way) and re-did the wiring and now the echo is gone. It was driving me mad all night.
  3. 5.1.2. RP-8060FA for front and heights RP-504C center RP-502S surrounds. RZ830 for AVR. Ran accueq and left it whatever it is set. Room is 17 x 12. Any other information you need from setup let me know and I can take screenshots from Onkyo setup if that helps. One thing I think may be wrong is I connected wire to the top of connectors for the front slope speakers. Should that be for bottom one? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. This is connected to the projector. I just checked and my projector does not have a speaker Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. All I setup my 5.1.2 setup last night and I hear an echo in voice for all TV shows. Movies sound nice. Is there a setting I am missing? RP8060FA, RP504C, RP502S, RZ830 is my setup Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Got the delivery for speakers today. Receiver is coming Monday. Can't wait to plug all of this and see how it works. Anything i should be aware of when connecting besides use of banana plugs? Speakers (All Klipsch): Receiver:
  7. Thanks. I contacted Klipsch and they told me the same. Unless i want to tilt them the keyhole should work without any issues.
  8. I am interested in this. How is your setup holding? Since the 502S weighs less than 20 lbs i wanted to see if this works.
  9. Unfortunately that is how it is with electronics.
  10. Thanks Jason. I went with RZ830 from Greentoe. Offered $400 they countered with $500.
  11. Thanks Bill definitely liking 830 now that I have been spending time. Amazon has a good deal and will buy today or tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks both. Seems like RZ830 meets my budget and features. It has some subtle differences between NR787 and RZ830. NR787 is available for $469 in amazon today and $599 for RZ830.
  13. Looking for AVR recommendations for my Klipsch setup. Understand AVR is heart of the setup but also would like to keep the budget to a minimum if possible. I already bought the speakers below RP-8060FA RP-504C RP-502S SPL-150 I will be adding two ceiling speakers to make it 5.1.4 in the future so looking for receivers that does 5.1.4 or 5.2.4 so that i can add another sub in the future. My room is approximately 17 * 13 with 10 feet vaulted ceiling. Amazon has a good deal on NR787 and has 100 W per channel but i think for RP-8060FA the spec says 150 W is needed so not sure if the NR787 is powerful enough.
  14. Trying to see which one is better? Seems like Klipsch no longer sells R-115SW and wanted to see if SPL-150 will be any better or R-115SW is still better.
  15. Thanks @Gnote. Yes I reached out to Cory and also reached out to few of the authorized dealers and see who can give me the best price. I am thinking of 5.1.4 to keep in budget for now and I will add another sub in the future.
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