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  1. Hello, I have a the same from stage. Yes, you need a 3 channel amp, IMO you have two choices: cost effective Emotiva XPA-DR3 or best option Parasound a31 (call Mark or Cory at Paducah Home Theater). Might as well also call SVS for some spade speaker cables to connect everything. For the rest of your surround speakers, juice them with a separate multi-channel amp, possibly another Emotiva. Eventually swap out that AVR for 11 channel 4k XLR processor AV/Preamp.
  2. Hello,, are there any RF7iii owners in the Bay Area? I'm on the fence about buying a pair, but I would like to hear a set first. Thanks in advance for the response.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm interested in K-Horns, would like to hear a pair. Does anyone have a set they could demo for me, will pay for time. David
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