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  1. Thanks for the reply. Because of the large price difference I can't swing an exchange from the 140's to 500sa's. According to this thread (below) the 140's can be used as surrounds. Unless I get contradictory information I will probably just buy some ceiling speaker mounts and us these 140's for surrounds. Then when budget allows I can entertain the idea of getting either more 140's or moving up to the 500sa. Thanks again!
  2. If I had a pair of RR-41SA 's and a pair of RP-140SA's which should I use for ATMOS and which for SURROUNDS?
  3. I have a system with speakers from different times in my life. I have some very nice center and fronts, paired with outdoor speakers repurposed as surrounds. I was given a gift card and picked up a pair of RP-140SA speakers that I intended to use as Atmos speakers. But quite honestly I am not feeling the love for them as ATMOS, I am thinking that perhaps it would be best to replace my bad surrounds and save up for another pair of 140SA's later. My thinking is that the surrounds are degrading the system as a whole, since ATMOS soundtracks seem to push the surrounds harder than other mixes. Any thoughts on that? The reason I ask is that my surrounds are on the ceiling and if it is a waste of time I would rather not lose money on mounts if it won't be worth it. Thanks
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