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  1. Sigh... I was the only bidder. I knew I should of bought it for $350 but I couldn’t sell myself on the 7 hr round trip. I was hoping it would fall in my lap and compel me to drive....my mistake!
  2. We’re gonna need a bigger D!
  3. The mids seemed a little hollow and boomy bass. Could of been the room, electronics, source, humidity, moon cycle, day of the week, root day, fire sign rising, etc.
  4. DTO

    Indy people forte ii

    Not affiliated https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/671671560127032/ Sent from my iPad
  5. I’m in the minority. I was disappointed by the cw4s in a 10x15 room. But then again I was disappointed by cw3s. If you can place away from the wall I preferred forte iiis.
  6. Those were mine. They are gone!
  7. DTO

    For Sale: KG-3

    I’ve been looking for another pair of quartets, or others, but those look great!
  8. Thanks bill! im thinking I’ll just delete this thread and list then locally one at a time unless I can find a third.
  9. Yes! Two black academies! Chicago $300 each. both have crites titanium tweeters and crossovers. Great working condition being used as side surrounds. here is my dilemma: I am rearranging my media room and another set of floor speakers makes more sense. So, as much as I always wanted a third to try as LCR, I wanted to feel you guys out on a sell or trade scenario. sell both? Sell one? Trade both for quartets or forte iis? Trade one for single forte ii or quartet? they are great and I wish I could just stash. Message for more pics Or details
  10. DTO

    La scala Chicagoland

    $1800 not affiliated https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/d/arlington-heights-vintage-klipsch-la/7200510015.html
  11. Btw if someone wants to come buy quartets for $700 I’ve got a pair! Come at me bro!
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