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  1. I know they look rough but I feel like it’s not a bad deal. Luckily I’m not in St. Louis so I don’t have to decide. Full disclosure, I have kp-201s that duratex did wonders for and I’m kind of hooked on kp/kt.
  2. Hello klipschhead1 i did not receive any pictures or new messages from you. I will PM you my email. thanks
  3. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. Could you pm me some photos? Or just put them up here
  4. Ever make it closer to Chicago?
  5. Finally done and looking good. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Update: thanks for all the tips! They do look like pro speakers now. Just need to find a badge....
  7. I’ll panic for sure! I’m a first time duratex user . Thanks for the water tip!
  8. $228 bought on eBay, round trip to Indiana to pick up, duratex paint awaiting delivery. They appear to have been painted white first then green on top. Drivers are perfection as is the motor board, The grills even have the metal protective screen. Question, should I chemically revoke the existing paint before sanding and duratexing or just sand it down and let the duratex cover it? TIA, any tips and suggestions are appreciated. This is a little different than I’m used to. David
  9. Thanks all! Picking them up n Tuesday. I have duratex coming on Thursday. I’ll post a pick.
  10. I did! And I never win anything!
  11. I already ordered some duratex for a different project.....
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