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  1. I can’t wait for “ain’t no fun” by snoop dogg! If you haven’t heard it then google.
  2. Well, damnit, I reached out. We will see if I get a response.
  3. Love it! I think I’m just subconsciously trying to devalue this situation so I don’t hate my self for the rest of my life by passing.
  4. You guys know better than I do! The crossover seems to be bulging in places but I’ve never seen a k-horn in real life, alas.
  5. I'm Local to Chicago, and am very intrigued, but they do look rough to me. But I’m not that handy for making the repairs plus I think my wife would kill me......
  6. Hello Kidd! i bought F3s a couple months ago and have been experimenting for the perfect center. Of course another F3 in the middle would be the perfect match but how many people have the room to spare. So I started with an academy center modified with crites tweeter and crossover. If I wasn’t curious it would of been a done deal, game over, awesome speaker. Next I tried a stock klipsch 650 thx. It went deeper than the academy with a richer midrange but did not have the detail the academy had. Once again, in a vacuum either speaker would be great. Finally I plugged in a single heresy iii. It’s seamless. I try to critique it separately but I cannot because it’s all one stage! Very happy right now.... of course until a get a great deal on a single cherry f3..... music wise there are so many more informed peeps around, I mostly rely on some old heresys.
  7. Hello all! Looking for a new home for the best little center channel I’ve tried so far. By little I mean it only has eight inch woofers! The previous owner, who is a common forum poster, installed a brand new Crites crossover and put in Crites titanium tweeters. Most of you are in the know that this is a preferred center to heritage and neo-heritage speakers and can be hard to find, especially in great condition. I’m hoping someone here is in need. $300 is the forum price. In a week I will post on CL and such. Located in Chicago, excellent condition. I also have a single Klipsch kl-650L with some scuffs that I have posted online already but would give a price break to forum members. Thanks! David
  8. Next center I’m plugging in, KL-650-THX. We will see how it blends with forte iiis. I have no clue if it will play well. Anyone with experience?
  9. It’s always good to stop at Chipotle to listen to some tunes!
  10. If you decided on towers, and are near Chicago, I have brand new in the box RF-82iis that could maybe use a new home.
  11. Thanks Andrew! Rock out the office!
  12. Any forum members at $400? Going to drop to $500 online today.
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