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  1. Damn! I’m local and I hate seeing your amp on CL. But whoa to all of us with this addiction and not the timely cash flow...
  2. Klipsch, please take my money!
  3. It would be a shame to hide those beautiful boxes!
  4. I wish I could fit another forte! I want to pull the trigger on a Cornwall but if it doesn’t work well on its side I’d be stuck with an orphan single speaker.
  5. I currently have an Academy with Crites tweeters and replacement crossover, thanks @314carpenter! A great, not little, speaker that blended with my heresy ii and quartets. I recently plugged in a pair of Forte iiis in place of the quartets and, alas, the academy still sounds good, but this addiction runs deep and I wonder what would be even better. In a perfect world I would love to use another forte for a matching L/C/R or, even better, there was an updated three way horn loaded klipsch center channel. My basement has low ceilings so the forte is out and a new klipsch center is a unicorn. That brings me to the original klipsch center channels, the heresy and Cornwall. Does anyone have experience using a single Heresy III as a center for the Forte III ? The other option would be a Cornwall on it’s side. Would it being on its side throw of the dispersion patterns of the horns and would it play well with the fortes? The front ports make it easier to integrate into the room. Thanks for reading and sharing your knowledge!
  6. Hello George! what is your location? thanks David
  7. The Emotiva xpa-3 for $200 with the credit seams logical to me. It’s on my short list of what upgrade to try next.....
  8. I have a black one in Chicago. Crites ti tweeter and crossovers, originals too. Email davidohr@gmail.com.
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