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  1. These have been posted on and off for a few months. I believe someone on this forum remarked that this is a single speaker. I could be wrong though
  2. That is crazy! Mind if I ask what the dimensions are?
  3. DTO

    Chorus ii Indiana $650

    No limits to that genre!
  4. DTO

    Chorus ii Indiana $650

    Did we just end up in the dad joke zone?
  5. DTO

    Chorus ii Indiana $650

    I buy on letgo all the time! I wish I wasn’t full on speakers. I’m piled of bought these in a minute.
  6. no affiliation. On letgo Check out this great deal I found on letgo! https://letgo.onelink.me/O2PG/1c077c72
  7. Shame about the rc-7! I am actually looking for one and the only two I’ve seen lately are this one and one in Ohio ($200), both with about the same damage.
  8. That’s crazy! I didn’t notice.
  9. On the same day klf-30s, cf-4s, and rf-7s available! Deep pockets needed! https://chicago.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=klipsch
  10. LOL! its on FB marketplace too
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1753895891435434/ Not affiliated
  12. yes Dropped to $500. They were at $700. Not bad
  13. I’m headed to Milwaukee on Saturday for some “OG” rf-7s., but I will not be bringing back $800 fortes. These prices have been crazy in the current environment.
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