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  1. Rat fur pro cornwalls? if they are not abused that’s probably a great price.
  2. Well if someone wants to buy it I’ll give you $300 for the quartets!😜
  3. Did they respond to your advice?
  4. Oh crap! $2200. Will update. Maybe some wiggle room
  5. Very nice, can demo, see pictures for condition dent on top front left veneer of one speaker pictured. b-stock. Considering trading for rf-7iiis. $2200
  6. Funny enough I just got back from selling them! KI-362s are gone. I’ll update the listing.
  7. DTO

    please delete

    please delete
  8. DTO

    Cornwall iii for HT?

    Well damn that’s sexy!
  9. I did a thing. And someone close to me isn’t thrilled about that thing. I jumped on a pair of C3s for two channel. Turns out my SO thinks they are unwieldily beasts that to do not fit into our modest urban home. I admit to being a little smitten with these beasts though. I currently have chorus iis in my basement theater with a quartet center. I’ve been daydreaming of rf-7s for a while and have started trying to sell my chorus iis locally. Question is is if I put my c3s down there would it be a waste of their talents? Am I better of just getting rid of both the chorus and Cornwall towards rf-7iiis? Anyone use c3s in HT? As heavy as all these are I figured I’d ask experts before trying to swap back and forth. Onkyo tx-rz730 pre outs to three outlaw 200 wpc monoblocks.
  10. I did not get them. With all the intrigue involved I put my max bid at $301. I hope someone got a great deal though! It will be more interesting if they end up locally on CL again....
  11. Well There is now another bidder. For giggles I ran it up to $271. It will be interesting if someone still buys it from CL.
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