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  1. Hey John I'll be based in New York for most of it (my girlfriend has taken a job for a NYC based company so she’ll spend a few months of the year there on and off), I do have a long weekend in L.A on the way home. She will be working 9-5 during the week, we may do a weekend away from NYC whilst there. It makes more sense for me to buy speakers and sea fright from the West Coast but the pair I am looking at are East Coast. Buying second hand I'll need to take what I can get wherever they pop up, I won't have the luxury of waiting patiently!
  2. Hey all, I have done a bit of searching and not having much luck, this forum is an absolute wealth of knowledge so I thought I would enquire here. I am travelling in the U.S during March/April (from Australia) so its a perfect time to purchase some Heritage speakers, which are tough to find second hand at home. I have found a pair of Cornwalls I am thinking of buying and working out the cheapest way to get them home, if I take the components out and ship the tweeter and mid-range horn via airmail I could actually check the empty cabinets as luggage in and fit the woofers in my suitcase. I have been quoted $2k approximately for crating and shipping via airfreight which isn't viable. I have a spare woofer and tweeter here which weigh in at 12.5lb and 1.9lb Does anyone have a k-600 horn and driver they could weigh for me? Or does anyone know the weight of an empty Cornwall cabinet? If I know the weight of the k-600 I could work it out! The pair I am looking at are decorators which may differ in weight slightly but as long as I know approximates I can make an estimate. Any help is much appreciated... The things we do for hifi!
  3. Looking to buy a pair of these horns, shipping will be to Australia. If you have a spare pair please reach out. Thank in advance.
  4. Kind of ironic comment, buying something that’s being resold and worrying about the resale market. Just the fact that this conversation is happening debunks this theory. How many hundred million people live in the U.S? If you ever want to sell them I’m sure you’ll find a buyer.
  5. Can you post a pic with the grills off? I'm probably wrong but it doesn't look like there is a port in the photo with the back panel off.
  6. Yep whichever path we go down we will certainly make sure its safe!
  7. The application here is a room full of people dancing, so the aim is for the mid-range and tweeter to be raised to just above head height. Any loss in bottom end from raising the cabinets will be compensated by a couple of subs (it should also be noted that there will be khorns in the room too, the La Scala's are centre channels). My initial thought is to roll the subs off around 80hz. I think there will be a fair bit of house music so we will certainly be feeding the bottom end. What would your advice be regarding stands? I was just thinking some heavy timber boxes built to the dimensions of the La Scala's.
  8. I get the feeling that implementing a sub would get better results than porting the boxes. Thanks for your input guys.
  9. Hey all, I am asking for a bit of advice from those here that are more technically minded. I have read a bunch of posts on adding a ported riser to La Scala's - I am using La Scala's as part of a system for an event, there will be a room of people dancing so would like to raise the La Scala cabinets to 2200mm (total height). This means I will be building a box that is 1300 high, 600 wide and 620 deep (51 x 23.5 x 24.5 inches). My question is - Will a ported box of this size be beneficial? Has anyone tried something like this before? I figure I could run a channel from the port on the bottom of my La Scalas through the middle of my ported box and seal it off so the cavity is essentially smaller. Is a larger box going to increase the range of the La Scalas? I read that the ported box that people commonly build will lower the frequency range to around 40hz.
  10. Are the Cornwalls behind for sale? Also - Is any of the Mac gear for sale?
  11. I should note the engineering on these isn't Klipschorn-like, they're more like La Scala's that have been turned back to front. I think the top cabinet had an Altec 511b but was sold long ago unfortunately so I was never able to see it.
  12. I figured this would interest a few people here. A local audiophile to me has been selling off a bunch of his gear, he is in his 70s now and not as mobile as he was. I have bought a few bits and pieces off him including the bottom cabinets to these things. They have been painted since this photo and I have them stored in a garage until I get a bit more time to work with them. The have enclosed backs but are certainly corner loaded speakers, when I open them up I'll post pics.
  13. I'm the buyer, not the seller. The shipping company I am using will crate them for me but this pair of K-Horns are minters and I don't want any chips to veneer so looking at the best way possible to protect them.
  14. Thanks for the insight, however I did contact Klipsch and no luck with them, the customer service operator said they don't sell the boxes. I'll speak to your other recommendation and see what I can dig up!
  15. Ok mega long-shot here... I am looking at a pair of Klipschorns at the moment and they would need to be shipped internationally, I have shipped La Scala's internationally before and used a fantastic company that built a custom crate. The Khorns I am looking at are very, very clean cosmetically and I am looking at the best way to protect them in transit. I figure original boxes along with custom crates would do a very good job - I wondered if anyone here had the boxes their khorns came in and would they be willing to sell them? I am one of those people that keeps the box for almost everything I buy, its a strange little quirk but I am sure there are others out there. If you have kept some and think you would be willing to part with them you might help preserve something beautiful, its a good cause! I contacted Klipsch to see if they would sell some boxes but no such luck unfortunately!
  16. Please get in touch if you have a pair collecting dust!
  17. Yes all makes sense! Thank you for the detailed reply... I set the original back panel on them and do find I get a bit more bottom end with the drone, it also feels a little tighter using them. I do tend to like my music on the louder side so perhaps I'll stick with the original backs for now. Thanks again for your input!
  18. Think I may have worked them out to be 1983 model based on the E-2 crossover and - 1983-1984: The K-24 woofer is substituted for the K-22, and during the last production of the Heresy-I, the midrange K-53/701 is substituted for the K-55/700.
  19. There isn't any etching from what I can see. These have had some nice mods - Some sort of silicon seal on the horn, that pad on the back wall to tighten the bottom end. The crossover is E-2, K-22-K woofer, K-77 tweeter and hard to tell what it says on the back of mid-horn driver. Serial no. 127 is all I got!
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