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  1. Did you build a center like this? With k77’s and a k55? If so maybe you would like to sell, or if you have plans, share them?
  2. I’m not sure how to get a single woofer to fit under the tv though
  3. I would but no ones biting😬
  4. I found a donor Cornwall and need to figure out the box network and woofers, so basically the whole speaker design 😂
  5. I would consider paying you for uncovered grills. I’ve got some lambswool fabric, I’m not sure I can get the hardback as perfect as yours, very impressive
  6. I’m in the process of making grills for my 83 Cornwall 1’s and the rotozip seemed to leave a more jagged cut. Is that my inexperience or did you need to do some sanding to get it that nice? Great job buddy!!
  7. Would be open to buying a center with k77’s and a k55 mid maybe two 8’s or two 6.5’s
  8. If love some plans for one of these centers!! I have Cornwall 1’s and forte 2!
  9. Is the kv-4 still for sale?
  10. So which one wins hands down for you?
  11. Bump, looking for wood veneer (not black) willing to throw in cash to sweeten the deal.
  12. I’m near Nashville. Would prefer in person just to make sure all divers are original or decent lateral moves. Wood veneer only. Cabinet flaws are ok (maybe preferred lol) my forte 2 are not perfect but they are great until you get right up on them. Thanks!
  13. Where are you located? I’ve got a pair of Cornwall 1’s for sale. Pm me if interested. I’m near Nashville
  14. Interested in the k-77’s for my Cornwall 1’s!
  15. 1982 Klipsch Cornwall’s for sale in Nashville (Hendersonville but close enough for reference). Cabinets are 7/10 sound great. $1000 Cash only local pickup
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