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    Playing music with my hands or my stereo. Intoxicologist by trade and enjoy a good Viuex Carre here and again. I am of the mind there’s only two kinds of music...good and bad!
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    What area are you in?
  2. I was the seller of the Chorus and have to say I was really nervous as the chorus were in very good condition. Sara was an absolute pleasure to work with, and she went the extra mile, she even shrink wrapped the speakers so that lint wouldn’t get on the cone or grill, then she wrapped them in shipping blankets, shrink wrapped again and secured. 10/10 would have her ship if you want your items to get there perfect. Also Smokinone was an excellent buyer and would give him a 10/10 as well! no affiliation with the sale. Bobby2x’s
  3. I am, no bites, it’s such a good price I’m just confused
  4. Just been recovering from a surgery and going through a divorce, priced to sell, you can 1200 for just the speakers, but you could make some money off the rest just trying to get rid of large blocks of stuff
  5. Bump, I’m not sure why it’s still here, excellent price and like new condition, just fell on hard times
  6. Everything works perfect, spinal fusion, got Covid in the hospital then it turned to pneumonia. Absolutely nothing wrong with this or the 9.1 I have for sale with 7.1 in amplification
  7. Thanks buddy! With health you can always rebuild. It’s been a year that’s for sure haha!
  8. Like new, hate to sell but I’ll have my health and can rebuild eventually!!
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