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    Playing music with my hands or my stereo. Intoxicologist by trade and enjoy a good Viuex Carre here and again. I am of the mind there’s only two kinds of music...good and bad!
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  1. I’d love a new set of grills with fabric preferably without at least gets me closer. Please pm
  2. That makes me feel better about missing out on so many chorus 2’s as I sit hear LOVING my Cornwall 1’s!!
  3. Thanks for addressing it!!! I love Klipsch and hope that customer service can help us keep the legacy alive by not having to buy non-Klipsch parts to keep our old speakers sounding awesome!! To hear my 40 year old Cornwall, and go demo a set of 10k revel and decide NOT to get the revel because they don’t sound as good as my 40 year old set is a testament!!!! Can’t wait to save up to get the Cornwall 4 that others have said you have perfected!!!
  4. Also I put them up with a time window, wasn’t too awfully worried about selling them. Just confused a set this nice didn’t go quickly. I went to take the ad down and saw smokinone had replied. It was bittersweet for sure! You do excellent work and smokinone will be lucky to have them, as was I!
  5. Still pristine! I’m hunting hard for a set of 2, and doing some temporary downsizing. Unfortunately I just went through a lumbar fusion and the extra cash will help. Smokinone and I had an excellent conversation and I couldn’t be happier that they’re going to someone who will truly enjoy and respect the set!
  6. Well if smokinone doesn’t grab them I’ll keep them, with a name like that I can only assume we’re kindred spirits!!
  7. Yeah I think mines a keeper asswell! Dead quiet, great dynamics, surprising bass. I want to do some tube rolling, but a little concerned that I hit the jackpot. I told him what sounds I like and he loaded tubes that nailed it! Will is a great vendor.
  8. Here’s Will’s number, just bought one of his rebuilds, it’s beautiful. He powder coats em, great tubes, not sure if he chose the tubes by the sound I describe I liked, but the amp sure sounds exactly like I described down to the tube selection. It’s inky black quiet with better bas than any 70 I’ve heard or owned. Cheers, Bobby2x’s Bobby2x’s Will Vincent 280-791-0805
  9. I pair my pm8004 with a Will Vincent st-70 and the sound is sublime, just enough euphonics to make it sound multiples better than the individual pieces. I’d imagine a more detailed amp would take some of the “magic” away. Anywho....great gear, thought I’d share my victory, this combination is crushing on Cornwall 1!!!!
  10. I couldn’t have got drunk and angered everyone, we haven’t even had a parlay 😂
  11. Am I missing something? Excellent set, updates are solid, minty cabs, no one interested?
  12. Thanks for the advice, if they don’t sell, I’m sure curiosity will get the better of me.
  13. If they don’t sell I may try my hand at this if it’s reversible, my craftsmanship is mostly on the administration side of things haha
  14. Also I have to believe there’s a difference because these have been up for a day and they’re still here. Don’t get me wrong they are awesome, and if I didn’t already have the Cornwall I’d probably never wonder. The chorus 2 I've seen even in poorer condition is gone in the matter of an hour!!! No big deal, I win if I keep em I win if I sell. I’m super happy to keep em if no one is interested. But would seriously do a trade plus cash if anyone wants to trade chorus 1 for 2’s!
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