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  1. I would love to have new cabs with motor board mounted walnut tweeters and mids!! Do we have a good cabinet builder or have an idea for a donor cab? Also wayyyy interested in having a center built w them And either 8 or 6.5 woofers!
  2. Could these be mounted on the exterior of the motor board on Cornwall 1? I bet they look so good, but would want to show them off instead of the mounting style on my Cornwall are behind the motor board.
  3. One of the backers didn’t make it, the other is good. May have a guy doing them, hope so, my attempts were not so good
  4. Great job with the restore!!! I’ve got a set from 83 and they sound excellent. I had an ST-70 and that thing had a thick lush midrange, nice highs that weren’t biting, but I couldn’t get the bass to have the punch and attack I liked until I got a 2 channel Parasound amp, once I did though the bass was kicking like Kung Fu Jones!
  5. What type of board do you use? I used backer board and it was a bit too flimsy
  6. If you’d like to PM me that’s cool, someone said they may take it on, but I’d love to see the results you’ve had. Would love to also do either my Chorus or forte 2 to match for HT. Really wish I could get a super dope tutorial on how to get them perfect. Perhaps I failed because the material I was using wasn’t made for grills.
  7. That’s exactly what I need, tried glue and got sag in the woofer cavity, I’d love to do my forte 2 in the same cloth. I tried twice and had ok success, but really need it to be as near production quality as possible. It’s possible with the right guidance I could do it, but frustrated enough to pay someone at this point!
  8. I state in my ad it’s a WTB, need someone to make Cornwall grills for my 83’s, as the originals have deteriorated
  9. I’m in Hendersonville TN, just north of Nashville
  10. I’ve tried my hand at it twice and I am no good name your price I’m frustrated! This is what I’m going for. https://www.klipsch.com/products/cornwall-iii-special-edition
  11. I’ve tried my hand at it twice and I am no good name your price I’m frustrated! This is what I’m going for. https://www.klipsch.com/products/cornwall-iii-special-edition
  12. I’ll take em here in Hendersonville Tn!
  13. Rare for sure, and they disappear quickly! Case in point 😂😅😭😳
  14. Do the chorus have grills? Do you have the original tweets asswell?
  15. I’ve been talking my wife into getting rid of her electric fireplace Entertainmet center for years and losing, as soon as I win (she gets tired of me asking) I’ll put a 3rd Cornwall in! Phantom center does seem better than the Jbs-3 tho!
  16. I’ve got to keep the WAF high lol not sure this passes the sniff test!
  17. If you want to PM me that would be awesome, I think this is excellent! Need to get some cash back up, just bought a bunch of gear. If you send me a PM I’ll get to you when my cash is right!!
  18. This thread has some interesting things to say about how horns interact vertically or horizontally. Pretty interesting, some of it’s buzzing right past me though😆
  19. I’m not sure why the tweeter is vertical on the academy. Maybe the waveguide helps dispersion? Not trying to be argumentative, that’s what I read about vertical Cornwall and slanted heresy. I’ve also heard mixed reviews on the Academy but I know this KV-3 I have isn’t the right answer for me. And I know the wife isn’t going to let me replace her fireplace home Entertainmet center with another Cornwall! Though out of all the speakers I have the Cornwall are the ones she said I can never get rid of!!
  20. The slants were used as floor wedges, or monitors for stage shows.
  21. The Cornwall with vertical tweeters were made to be used as a center channel by laying it on its side so the dispersion would be wide. They were made to be used as the center channels today are. The vertical Cornwall were in fact made to be placed on the side with arrows showing that was the correct placement, thus making the squaker and tweeter horizontal for dispersion.
  22. Would turning the heresy on it’s side leave too narrow of a sweet spot? Most of the center horns I’ve seen on center speakers are square horns for off axis dispersion. I would imagine the heresy on its side would make the image tall instead of wide. Really I’m hoping someone has a good set of plans for the heritage center that I referred to in the op.
  23. Garyrc thanks for the reply! I’m familiar with the history, however my space won’t allow for a proper 3rd floor standing speaker. Even the heresy is too large so I need a horizontal speaker. The academy and KLF-c7 are the best compromise. But I’ve seen a few members that have built a center with 6.5 woofers and a k77 and k55, which I would love to buy if someone can recreate it with a decent crossover. It would be for a 50/50 mix of movies and music.
  24. Hi all! I’m right outside of Nashville looking to buy a center for my heritage setup. I’ve seen people on here that have built a 3-way center with a mid and tweeter taken from either a Heresy or Cornwall donor. I’m super interested in a build like that! If not I’m looking for an academy or KV-4. I’m running Cornwall L/R and forte 2 surrounds and a KV-3 center in my 5.1setup. Right now and it sounds pretty good, but for those of us that frequent this page, pretty good ain’t gon’ cut it! Thanks in advance! Bobby Bobby 2 2 Times Times!
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