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  1. I just found out that they actually date back to the '80's. Sorry for any confusion. They also appear to be made of birch.
  2. We will sell the Heresy's for $500 for the pair.
  3. $4,500 for the pair. Where are you located. Maybe we can meet in the middle?
  4. Hey Gang, Sorry for the delay in responding. The speakers are located in Anderson, SC which is located on I-85 midway between Charlotte and Atlanta. Some pictures of the speakers and their back story are posted below. I don't have a lot of technical detail as to the sub-components, but am happy to take more pictures if y'all can tell me what you are looking for. I tried to look up the serial numbers on the Klipsch site, but that capability is not working. I also try to read the codex posted there, but it was over my head. Back story, if interested: The speakers belonged to the husband of the donor who passed away tragically about a year ago. (https://www.islandpacket.com/news/local/community/beaufort-news/article203517094.html) Sam started with a couple of Heresy speakers that he purchased in the '80's and upgraded to the KHorns ~2002 as their business grew and he could afford them. (His wife told me that he had a collection of over 35,000 recordings in his collection...makes my head spin.) He cherished these beauties, so they have been very well cared for, and she has been struggling with what to do with them. Her grown kids' houses aren't big enough for them and she is downsizing so she doesn't have room. That's why the idea of donating them to a good cause (our school), and selling them to another person who would appreciate and cherish them as well, really appealed to her. She's basically looking for a good home for "his babies". The "School": St. Joseph Catholic School (https://sjccs.net/73) is trying to raise much needed funds to fix drainage issues on our playground and make it more suitable for Pre-K kids. Many thanks for your help! Tom H.
  5. Hello, First time poster and electonics novice here looking for some friendly guidance from the experts. Our Parish was gifted with two pairs of 2002 vintage Klipsch stereo speakers that we would like to sell to raise money for much needed playground improvements for our school. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to give us some guidance as to a fair market value? The items are: - two beautiful floor-standing Mahogany Klipschorn speakers in excellent condition. - two Klipsch Heresy speakers thanks so so much for any help y’all can provide. Tom H.
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