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  1. Update. Jensen has no stock in copper or aluminum in 12uf or 13uf. Minimum order applies of 25 capacitors to get them to make some more. 😬 Meanwhile I found some NOS 12uf PIO Russian Military caps that looked interesting on feebay for $30 for 15. Cheap enough I ordered some to try. Seller has hundreds of them FYI But as soon as they arrived I won the bid for a pair of aluminum Jensen 12uf. I had 4 extra copper Jensen 2.2uf in my parts bin from many years ago. So those are going in today with the Jensen 12uf aluminum and a pair of copper .22uf to bring the total value up to 13uf. Im very curious to how these will sound over the massive Vitamin Q PIO cans that are in there now. I’ll update asap
  2. Thanks Dean. I’m guessing your observations were with an AA crossover? If so, what 13uf cap/s did you try?
  3. Ah, the bees wax is the one I tried. What do the others sound like?
  4. I listened to them in my linestage as the output coupling cap about 12 years ago. Totally different type of circuit application at 350VDC than in a speaker at well below a 100z. So my observations are limited at best. As I recall the Jupiter’s sounded very nice and smooth but overly smooth. On the classic Ella & Louis LP, Ella’s voice should be buttery smooth at the same time Louis is gritty and raspy. It’s very hard to get both to sound correct. i sure wish I had bought some big Jensen Coppers 12 years ago!
  5. No, I haven’t considered any others really besides the fancier copper Jensen versions. About 12 years ago when designing and building an all tube phono stage, linestage, and monoblocks amps the copper Jensen’s sounded the best overall of many caps tried at that time. When playing original 50’s and 60’s Jazz Lps the Jensens sounded the most like the un-amplified small group jazz bands I recorded every Sunday. Especially with regards to textures, tonal colors and micro-dynamics. I've been out of the game for a long time and figured I’d go with what I know for a LaScala rebuild.
  6. Looking for a nice pair of Jensen 12uf or 13uf Copper Foil Paper-In-Oil capacitors for a fair price. Please let me know what you have. many thanks, Kegman
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