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  1. thanks, I am buying the A300!!
  2. Please , I am close to buy an amplifier for my two RP-8000F speakers, can you help with some comments about the Emotiva Basx A 300 or the Audiosource Amp310VS, which one could be better for those speakers? Thanks
  3. hamer


    Thanks !! I have some doubts about the amplifier Of the second option, which gives 100w per channel, but I may be wrong if that one is enough for the speakers
  4. hamer


    Thanks Bill, I was trying to find an amplifier in that range of price, what I want is to get the best from the speakers
  5. Hi All; please i need your help, i am building my music system with a pair of RP8000-F, but i need some help to choose the amplifier: - one option is to use the Parasound 2125v2 150 Watt Stereo, - and the other is to use the Russound A2100 | Half Rack Digital 2 Channel Amplifier + Yamaha WXC-50 Music Cast Audio Component Preamplifier Dark Silver, Additionally i would like to add a subwoofer. Thanks
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