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  1. Gary, thank you for the great information.
  2. Well guys, and then there was two. I have it down to 2 speakers. I want to thank everyone who chimed in. I read about every speaker mentioned in this thread. All great speakers in their own way. Its down to the Klipsch RF-7 III and Klipsch Cornwall III's. Are any of your here very familiar with both speakers? Anything you think I should know. Anything you care to share? In my undedicated L shaped room which is medium sized bordering on big , the speakers will be 5 feet front the back wall. One speaker will be two foot from side the wall, other speaker is 8 feet from side wall. No way around it right now. My current speakers are 8 feet apart and I sit 8 feet from the speakers. Behind my seating position there is another 8 feet to the back wall. Are the Cornwall's usually best placed right along the wall? Do any of you use the Stillpoint Aperture acoustic panels? or anything similar to them. Have any of you had success with such tweaks? Well, I'm off to sleep for a bit. Would love to hear from some of you. Enjoy the Music. Regards, Mikey. Blues for the red Sun BAY BAY.
  3. I want to thank Gary, Ski bum and everyone else for their insight, I appreciate it. MAX2 and Rivernuggets, It's always great to meet some fellow Kyuss fans. What a band, Needless to say they never got their full due. Oh well. Too bad. Any of you ever heard the McIntosh XR 100's?
  4. The Klipsch RF-7 III are on my short list for new speakers. I listen to 70 percent Metal-punk-Hard-core and 30 percent- Diana Krall, Duke Ellington, Jazz etc... Current speakers, Dynaudio Excite 44's. c52 pre amp and mc 452 power amp. Medium sized room bordering on Large, very undedicated listening room right now.. In the Market for new speakers, 7500 Canadian dollars to spend. My short list 1-Klipsch RF-7 III 2-Second hand Focal Electra 1038Be 3-Tekton Double Impact I would love to hear from some of you. I could really use the insight. Enjoy the music. Mikey
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