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  1. thanks, I'll keep an eye on whatever I can find second hand, unfortunately there's not much available here in Australia, unless one is willing to pay 5 times the US/EU price.
  2. thanks for your reply. on paper the RF25 can go as low as 45HZ, but I'm actually wondering if their two 6.5'' woofer would provide more bass than the one 8" in the SB3, although I'm more concerned about the mids to be honest.
  3. Hi all, a friend of mine has a pair of RF25 in storage that he wants to sell. Unfortunately we're a few hundred KMs apart, so testing the speakers in person is not practical, which is why I'm looking for advice. I currently have a pair of Klipsch SB3 bookshelf speakers, so I'm wondering if the upgrade would be worth it, and what improvements the RF25 would provide. The speakers will be used for music as well as movies, so I might keep the SB3 for the rears. Thanks in advance
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