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  1. Hello there, I'd like to know whether other owners of The Three can confirm or not if their speaker has a static sound when not playing any music. It's not that loud but loud enough to hear it in the whole room, when it is quiet around like during night. When you put your ears in front of it you should definitely hear it. Changing input or volume does not change anything, only powering off the speaker quiets it. I am using my Klipsch exclusively via WiFi and already tried another power supply cord, so there should not be any problems with cables. What else could it be and is there any chance I can fix that myself? Sending it in for repair is not possible since I am in Europe and bought it via Amazon warehouse deals, where all kinds of manufacturer's warranty does not comply. I could only try to get my money back, but I prefer keeping my The Three. Thanks in advance for any help. Tim
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