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  1. I can't figure it out either. I see something but it goes into an about me section and not my signature. I've been on lots of forums over the last 20 or so years but this has got to be one of the most awkward and strange ones as far as setting up your profile. Anyone know how to do this?
  2. All things Klipsch Heritage and McIntosh are just a match made in heaven. It's as if they are meant for each other. The 60s/70s era Dynacos, Fishers and others like them are also really great too. But there is just something special about Klipsch and Mac.
  3. I have the 70th KHorns and they are in my rooms corners pretty tight and tucked in but not as tight as I could get them since I have my heating baseboards running along the bottom of the wall. Thanks to the closed backs this was not an issue and the bass extension is simply awesome. It goes all the down to 35hz, It's articulate, tight, detailed and fast. Everything you want and nothing is missing or feels compromised. A big reason why I went with the 70s since they only need to be in the vicinity of a corner and not perfectly wedged in like the original open back design KHorn. I have seen the same type of modded older KHorns with the backs added on eBay like the OP said and have always wondered myself how they sound compared to a 70 or AK6.
  4. Great to know! I'm into jazz and electronic myself. I'm looking into adding a 3 channel tube amp if I can find one, for my 3 channel LCR setup. Consisting of the 70th edition KHorns and a 70th Heresy. I've always been curious about Decaware's. Nearly bought one of their headphone amps a few years ago for my planar Audeze and Hifiman can.
  5. Congrats on the MA5300! I'm not surprised it made your Cornwall's sound awesome. I know your post is not new, but I'm fairly new as a Klipsch owner, about 2 years now and have always wanted to join this forum. I've been into audio for many years, but have never actually joined any audio forums besides Head-Fi as I used to be extremely into headphones and before that HT. But now that I finally own a house now, I rarely listen to my headphones anymore. I've been a lurker and reader for many years on various sites. But loving my all things Klipsch heritage I knew this was the forum to join. I don't get why so many audiophiles people hate on Mac. They make incredible amps. Their build quality is phenomenal, made here in the USA, first rate engineering, they sound amazing but look the part (unlike so much other stuff), Mac stuff holds its value and they stand behind their products and they last forever. What's not to like?? Oh and some of the other guys in here mentioned, they have controls that most other amp manufacturers have done away with years ago. Personally I love an integrated as I'm a believer in keeping the signal chain as short as possible, I understand the argument and merits to a separate preamp, but for me integrateds are the way to go... especially a Mac one. Not boutique enough for some people? I don't get it. I'll never apologize for enjoying and liking McIntosh stuff. It's funny some people say the same about Klipsch, they just don't take Klipsch seriously. Or repeat the stupid stereotype of all horns sounding like your hands cupped around your mouth. As Paul would say, BS lol. The classic tried and true Klipsch Heritage and McIntosh combo is legendary and speaks for itself. There's a reason why so many of us enjoy the Mac and Klipsch combo, they are magical together. Although I wish I had the 5300, I got a sweet deal on a brand new 5200 I couldn't pass up on last spring. I've always wanted to own a McIntosh amplifier and the 5200 was the perfect amp for my setup as I was limited in cabinet placement height, but it was also all I needed power wise. It sounds so good with my KHorns, just spectacular. And I've always been into tubes, SETs and Integrateds with headphones and collected many rare tubes. But these Mac SS amps are dead silent, have awesome dynamics and power and just flat out make our speakers sing. The 5200/5300 is literally the perfect stereo integrated for larger heritage Klipsch's. BTW guys how the heck do you fill out your profile, I'm not newbie to how forums work but I'm not seeing any options to enter my signature or upload an avatar etc. All my settings allow me to do is change my email/password and notification settings.... Thanks!
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