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  1. I have two TDK Cabinets for sale, circa 1985. Drawers hold twelve tapes each, total of seventy-two. I'm throwing in the cassettes that are in the pics. $75 + shipping.
  2. Here is what I meant by full circle. From 1977/78.
  3. That's not how cd's are made. I never mentioned I wanted CD's. Or pay nothing and use equipment that I already own. Again, I never said anything about CD's. I want digital to play in my vehicles. You're preaching to the choir, hoss. I'm quite aware of binary music and the inclusion of compression.
  4. This is kind of what I was thinking, but I know just enough to get me in trouble.
  5. There's this older gent that has repaired some things for me in the past I'm going to talk to soon. He's about 3 miles from me. I'm thinking this age equipment is what he cut his teeth on. I guess I'll find out.
  6. I am curious if it is possible for me to connect my system in a simple manner to digitize my vinyl. I used a "Y" adapter from my line out to my receiver to play digital, I'm wondering if something similar is possible to save vinyl as digital files. Connect the computer's line in to which option on the rear of the receiver? A tape output? FWIW, I pretty familiar with audacity.
  7. OK, my 730 needs refreshing. I live about half way between Roanoke VA and Winston Salem NC. Looking for a reputable and competent service person. I figured that if anyone could steer me in the right direction, it would be this group. (Knowledge is knowing where to find it). Oh yeah, I ain't worried about the distance. Thanks! Sam
  8. I have just cleaned the rotary controls and was amazed at what I found: Not too nasty for a 43 year old piece.
  9. On the VA/NC border, between Roanoke VA and Winston-Salem NC.
  10. I'm debating on starting a gofundme page for that....🙄
  11. Way back in time, there was this young hillbilly that was completely obsessed with listening to music. He attended a party (circa 1977 or '78) where the tunes were being played on a Harman/Kardon 730. Impressed, he went and bought a H/K 430 and loved it for about 10 years. Then the bug bit and he went through all kinds of separate components. The 430 got lost in the crawlspace of his mind. Now he's an old hillbilly that has regaled himself to simplifying his equipment to a few components. A set of RF 3's, a Fluance RT 85, and added yesterday, a dreamy vision from the past. A beautiful, one owner H/K 730. Near mint, unmolested. He spent the day connecting and bi-wiring, then spent his evening listening and being transported. Some days it's good to be him.... .
  12. Hey, ya cant fix stupid, but at least you can edit it.....
  13. These are the ones I've recently installed and are excellent. The packaging said 8 ohm. https://www.midwestspeakerrepair.com/shop/diaphragms/klipsch/klipsch-aftermarket-titanium-diaphragm/
  14. One of the RF3 horns in my system has "ceased to be". I'm calling Klipsch later for replacement suggestions, but thought I would ask here first. Anyone have a replacement idea for the tweeter? Both will be replaced.
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    Sorry for such a woefully long delay. I sold on another site and haven't been back here in a while. I am having seller's remorse.....
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    Bought in mid '80's, used very little. Original stylus. The reason I have it is that I bought a linear TT, 4tp cartridge
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