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  1. Hey guys, 1. I already have Audyssey MultEQ XT32 Reference set. Is Audyssey Flat better for movies and music? 2. Just curious, what does 'rolling off high frequencies' even mean in terms of sound? I still get the klipsch quality sound right? 3. Should I turn Dynamic EQ Off?
  2. I had my volume at -10.db (Volume 70) For Denon this means: "A newly installed receiver un-calibrated will have a volume range of -80.5 dB to +18 dB. -80.5 dB is almost a full mute, where +18 dB is the maximum possible volume output. Once your system is calibrated, 0 dB should provide you with full output from the amplifiers, meaning all other levels are relative to the loudest possible value (0 dB) and thus are expressed as a negative value. (ie: -20 dB) 0 dB on the receiver scale represents "reference" level and is arbitrary but is a well-known convention." Here are 3 photos of my rears and front channel speakers: https://imgur.com/a/dcl4ecu
  3. Surround Set-up - R-51M 5.1 Home Theater System  - Includes (1 Pair) R-51M, (1) R-52C, (1 Pair) R-41M, (1) R-100SW Receiver Denon x3500H Summary Played Game of Thrones last night and my group was very satisfied. They experienced no ear fatigue. However, I have very sensitive ears, and I was miserable. I don't think the problem are the speakers -- it's got to be the room -- it's filled with wood panels and wood floors. Lots of hard surfaces that I can not cover. Question What's the best way to warm the speakers even more? I'm hoping to reduce the frequency before it bounces around the room? I heard people add window screens and tissue paper in front of their tweeters?
  4. Receiver: Denon X3500H Subwoofer: Klipsch R-100SW When my subwoofer is connected to power alone, and On Auto is enabled, No humming. However, if I plug in the L and R speaker wire cables (with banana plugs), and On Auto is enabled, the subwoofer Hums very loud. Why does this happen? Please help, I want to get this working before Game of Thrones haha
  5. If I place my R-51M on their sides (left and right channel), should the tweeters face away from each other or towards each other? Please see this screenshot: Exhibit A or B? https://imgur.com/a/djBlXNf
  6. Thanks guys! I hear good things about Denon. My only concern is their support, I saw a few reviews that said Denon’s support is nonexistent and horrible. Not sure if you guys experienced this? Hopefully I won’t need them.
  7. Hi guys, I am ordering this: - R-51M 5.1 Home Theater System - Includes (1 Pair) R-51M, (1) R-52C, (1 Pair) R-41M, (1) R-100SW What I enjoy doing: - Watching movies via Plex, TV, and streaming - Watching TV shows on Netflix and HBO - No gaming - Not likely to upgrade to 7.1 Budget: $300 - $400 1. What kind of receiver can I get for this 5.1 system? 2. What kind of speaker wiring should I get for this? I don't understand 16 and 18 gauge wiring. 3. Random question, my room has a lot of wooden paneling on the walls. You think I'm going to get ear fatigue with these speakers? 16 x 13 room. Will mainly play volume on medium. Thank you so much!
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