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  1. Two of these still available
  2. Also, you asked this question. Maybe let that sink I. For a minute it
  3. Lol play quieter music or get noise cancelling headphones
  4. They are two are spoken for.
  5. $150 plus shipping each I have four available.
  6. 500 plus shipping for all four not interested in separating at this time.
  7. Trying to post pics but can't get any less than 2mb
  8. Kicker used to make excellent amps but haven't had any lately
  9. Also not a fan of kicker, alpine speakers are dope never used Memphis but the higher end stuff is nice.
  10. Can't recall the model right now but they're 3600 a pair retail for new ones. I also have the dual 12 sub so they're probably designed to run with that.
  11. That's nice stuff but I get 10% over cost on alpine, kicker, and memphis.
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