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  1. There's far too much red. You need more blue and green stuff. Color coordination is important in a crossover.
  2. I love the Phantom so much. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/that-time-a-blue-angels-f-4-phantom-ii-went-supersonic-during-an-air-show-and-knocked-out-the-windows-of-eight-blocks-of-a-canadian-city/
  3. and my dad with the Navy Seawolves (HAL-3). He's in the pilot's seat working on something.
  4. Before the Phantoms, my grandfather flew P-51's, F-86's, F-100's and Hawker Hunters (with the British). This is him with his F-86 in Greenland.
  5. It's something my dad would always say when I started to get louder during a disagreement.
  6. It's really hard to tell if you're trolling or just cluelessly obnoxious, so kudos on the web of confusion you've achieved. I have to tell you, if this is your sales pitch to convert us to the Church of the One-way Righteous Crossover, it leaves much to be desired. I've heard more convincing arguments from various cult-like religion folks coming to my door. Don't raise your voice, improve your argument. A schematic is a good place to start. And remember...caps lock is cruise control for cool.
  7. We'll most likely be ditching them entirely, but thanks for the suggestion. They are fun to look at, though.
  8. New stuff day! Well, new to me anyway. The Type E crossovers I ordered arrived a little while ago and I'm hyped for hanging out with @Dave A and @brandonnash next Saturday to turn them into AA's.
  9. Yeah, they just released a documentary called "Scramble the Seawolves" awhile back. I know they've shown it on PBS in most places. Cool fact - that's Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame as the narrator. That was awesome. Maybe you can confirm this, but dad said that the hydraulic actuator used to raise and lower the Navy Phantoms' wing tips (to get them up and down the elevator) was not marked as to which side was which when installed...and you wouldn't know until you installed it and activated it as to whether it was on the up or down movement. This often resulted in having either the port or starboard side wingtip in the raised position, and the opposing side in the lowered position, looking like a person holding one arm straight up and the other straight out to the side. When you threw the switch, they'd reverse. It was funny to watch, as long as you weren't the mechanic who had to go back and fix it.
  10. Nice! My dad was an ASM and I know he was at Oceania for awhile. He used to tell me a story about how a radar tech would jam a screwdriver in the landing gear safety switch so they could activate the radar in the nose of the Phantom to work on it. One day there was an E-nothing sent to get a bunch of fluorescent light bulbs and he's walking back with a huge armload. The tech told my dad "Watch." and he pointed the radar at the E-nothing and turned it on. All the light bulbs lit up in the guy's arms and he chucked them all in the air. They all imploded all over the floor. The next thing you know, you see this E-nothing attempting to explain to a non-believing, pissed-off chief that "I swear to God they all lit up in my arms!" Dad was also a mechanic and door gunner for the HAL-3 Seawolves during Vietnam. Thank you for your service. Long live the Tomcat!
  11. This makes me sad. Some of the last of the active F-4 Phantoms in the world are being retired. It was inevitable, but 60 years since being designed and some airframes that are 50+ years old still flying? Not bad. I'd say only the B-52 and descendants of the UH-1 (Huey) have it beat in longevity. The Phantom is a special plane for me, being both an aircraft that my father maintained in the Navy and my grandfather flew in the Air Force. It has always reminded me of a muscle car, like a flying 1969 Camaro SS. The Phantom is dead. Long live the Phantom. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/a31295929/japan-retires-f4-phantom-fighter/
  12. "The World Health Organization has announced that dogs cannot contract Covid-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released. To be clear, WHO let the dogs out."
  13. OK, I am freakin' excited. Provided the Type E crossovers I eBayed arrive next week, I'm going to visit @Dave A next Saturday at his place where he has offered to help rebuild the Type E networks into AAs. @brandonnash should be going with me as well. Much nerding out expected to occur.
  14. Way too late for that. I've been over to Marion's house and drooled over his Klipsch mini-museum.
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