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  1. I found a thread on this exact same question with some good information, so no need to trouble yourselves to respond. Thanks anyway.
  2. I ask because I've read some people discourage "mixing" reference lines together, and would appreciate further input. My RC -62 ii is a great unit (esp for movies) but will upgrade if there's a compelling reason why it would be a problem with new RP-280s. Thanks,
  3. I'm doing kind of modified system, am buying 2 towers and a center channel only. Will add a sub if necessary. Thanks for all your input
  4. Money is not a big factor, but like to feel like I'm getting the best value that's why I was wondering just how much improvement was really made in newer models
  5. Trying to understand what differentiates the new RP series (e.g. RP-8000f) from the prior model (e.g. RP-280f), and also the prior model (e.g. RP-280f) from it's predecessor (e.g. the RF-82 II). Even the RF-82 II has cerametallic woofers and titamium tweeters. Trying mainly to decide whether its worth springing for the new model vs. one of the older which can be had at discounts. I'm sure that some of this forum's regulars would know this. Muchas Gracioso!!
  6. Yes, I was wondering if forcing sound up, if it's not Atmos sound, would help or hurt the total effect.
  7. Hello, I am looking at buying the RP-820FA towers. I know about ATMOS for home theater, but i was wondering if anybody knows how the upward firing system works while just listening to you own CDs or streaming audio such as Spotify or Amazon, which are basically still in stereo. Does any noise come out the top if you're not listening to Atmos-enabled audio? Any info on how this works would be helpful. Thanks
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