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  1. You busted me, I came back a few minutes later and deleted my original post. Sometimes I can be too critical in my comments. No disrespect intended to you.
  2. Ur right second pic, Cafe Du Monde. Beignets and coffee I was referring to the 1st pic, the glass.
  3. No Galatoire's in the New Orleans French Quarter Some good eatin in my former home town.
  4. Yes, I too use the app with my SB-3000. So easy, so tune-able.
  5. Seems to be some sort of revolt/unrest going on in the forum currently. Endless BS threads/posts about silly topics. Just my perception but maybe I'm wrong. Elden I sent you a PM, a question I have on the pilgrimage, if you would kindly respond.
  6. That exhausts the OP's budget and doesn't even include the transducers, or an amp to power them. Nor the shipping costs. And to add SVS support is awesome, just a phone call or live chat away during normal business hours. I returned an SB-2000, no problem whatsoever and SVS covered return shipping cost.
  7. SVS builds good subs and their 5 year warranty seals the deal imo. Plus if you order direct from SVS you have a 45 day zero cost to you returns. I've owned a couple Rythmik/Brian Ding creations but again 2 or 3 year warranty on electronics.
  8. Ford vs Ferrari is @ Redbox on blue ray now. Going pick it up for tonight while out and about. That was quick to Redbox.
  9. polizzio

    Hearing Aid

    That's hilarious. But it was true....what is slow gonna do for you? read their lips? i will be a candidate for hearing aids in ~ 5 or 10 years. I have difficulty in noisy rooms, multiple conversations. But i can still communicate on/via my phone. Woman's voices on the phone are the litmus test, least for me.
  10. Those look nice, I'll take a pair of the TP-200. I bet the cabs were nice quality. Wonder what year this was? 1960s perhaps? Edit: listing says originally for sale in 1959. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649224411-1-jensen-tp200-triplex-speaker-mahogany-finish/ For sale in 1957: https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/jensen/tp-200.shtml Found empty cabs/no drivers on ebay for $3500 + shipping, or a single complete unit working for $5000. Must be mahogany gold.
  11. 46F right now @ 0740, and nothing but sunshine. Not a cloud to be seen. Was 38 @ dawn.
  12. Day um! That's crazy, not even a heater in the tractor. I can picture it from your description, jean cutoffs, flip flops, and a muscle shirt
  13. Yes I noticed MO. I have lived my entire life down south. I don't know how people live and work in those extreme lows, but they do. Like Canada and northern US. My career was in oil refinery operations and when I retired our Ops Manager asked me if I was interested in working part time @ our Detroit refinery. I asked him if he was f**kin nuts! He is from MI originally. I heard enough stories and experiences from my fellow supervisors who went north for strike duty, or extended turnarounds. They came back with oversized, HD insulated coveralls and head and face coverings, boots, and gloves. Talk of catching a couple of samples in the AM before dawn and having to go back and warm up for the next couple. Not for me, no thanks. Christmas Eve 1989 we lost the entire refinery (Garyville, LA) due to low atmos temps in the wee hours and had a few fires (but nobody was injured). When I walked out from the control room @ 0600 it was earily quiet. Got to 16F that morning. We fought hard but lost that morning. Down for 3 or 4 days, probably cost our employer 3 to 5 million dollars. Can't imagine doing it @ zero degrees F or lower.
  14. @Foxman This might be of help to you. If you use an older iphone with a headphone jack, you can connect with a 3.5mm to rca male "left and right" cable. Then input the rca into your amp or receiver via aux input. If you have a newer iphone, apple sells a "lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter, pretty low cost like $9. I'm not an Apple guy so I have not personally used this adapter or arrangement. I do this with my Cowon dap to my McIntosh mc-150 amp, headphone out to rca cables to amp input. With the dap to amp i control volume with dap volume adjust. Going into my older Sony AVR, I use the AVR volume control/remote. This eliminates multiple digital to analog conversion, or vice versa. I understood your question above as you want to play your playlist in your iphone to your main system. I'll add using my Cowon dap to my McIntosh amp for music playback is awesome, absolutely no noise, and I use a 15' 3.5 mm extension cable so i can control music selection or "controls" via the dap from my sofa or bean bag chair. I'm not a bluetooth guy for music transmission yet, i prefer wired method, earbuds or headphones or my multiple daps.
  15. Well the Dow closed the day @ 29,551......... 17 points off an all time high. And AAPL @ $327.20. Still waiting for that $70 a share AAPL.
  16. polizzio

    What I Got Today!

    Same in Louisiana.
  17. polizzio

    What I Got Today!

    Super nice, I operated/owned motorcycles for ~ 32 years. Sold my last one (HD V-rod) in Jan 2009. Still have my cycle endorsement on my DL. The technology in your 600 Yammy is pretty incredible. Short of an F1 engine, where ya gonna find a 4 stroke engine turning/making power to 14k rpm?
  18. polizzio

    What I Got Today!

    What model number?
  19. Back to 68F and windy here. I got a nice glimpse of the full moon last night as it was rising from the horizon. Some people get crazy when the moon is full, or near full. Bad behaviors ↑
  20. Apollo Masters in southern CA: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/fire-vinyl-records/
  21. A couple years ago (12-8-17) it dropped down to 15F here and my exterior wall mounted gas fired tankless water heater inlet froze up early in the morning sometime. Noticed when I woke up and no hot water flow to wash hands and face. I was out there with my electric heat gun and got it flowing again in like 5-10 minutes. So note to self going forward: overnight temps < 20F, put a heat lamp on it or run a little hot water stream. Which doesn't happen very often down here anyways.
  22. polizzio

    What I Got Today!

    New front glass arrived yesterday from McIntosh Labs so with some advice and gen instructions from @USNRET I got her replaced and looking pristine once again. Gave the amp interior a cleaning too while I had the main cover off. Built like a brick sh*thouse comes to mind.
  23. 31F and dark right now Quite a change from 70F ~ thirty six hours ago.
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