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  1. Yeah those are unusual. And Walnut no less. Most I have seen are natural or oak finish. I love Walnut. Absolutely beautiful wood. I've thought about redoing mine (Oak) in Walnut myself. It's actually fairly easy with today's PSA backed veneers. Cheers!
  2. If it's lacquer, which if the finish is satin, it probably is, you can do what was already suggested and sand lightly with fine grit sandpaper then get some satin spray lacquer from the hardware store and reapply a couple new coats. The great thing about lacquer is that it will dissolve and flow into the previous lacquer finish. In fact, you could very lightly scuff the entire cabinet and reapply the lacquer and it will look good as new. Just make sure and use a mask and do it outside on a non windy day. Lacquer dries fast so you don't usually get any junk in the finish and you can do it all in an afternoon. The other option is to use Howard's Restore-a-finish with 0000 steel wool. Looks like you would need the oak version.
  3. I have the CF-3's version 3's and they sound fantastic. There are minor changes across the versions but I wouldn't get hung up over it. Some of the best speakers Klipsch ever sold in my experience. I prefer the 2-way sound of the Epic's over the 3-way KLF's but that's just my opinion. Both are great speakers if you can get them. Both can be tuned to your liking but to date, I have made zero changes to mine and love them.
  4. So I listen to a lot of streaming music because I'm in the car a lot and well, you just kinda live with it knowing it's nothing close to ideal a listening environment. But what's really funny is that these 25yr old speakers are so clean that I just can't stand to listen to streaming music through them. I never realized just how bad it was until I heard it through these. The quality is just all over the place in my ears. Ugh. No worries though. Gives me a great reason to bulk up the vinyl and CD collection 😀
  5. I'm a longtime Klipsch admirer ever since I heard my 1st pair back in the 80's as a teenager. Like many though, I never really had the funds to own any. Fast forward to about 10yrs ago and I happened upon a set of Heresy's at an estate sale for a hundred bucks and grabbed them. Not the best sounding speaker in the world but at last I was a Klipsch owner and they have served me well. But recently I felt it was time to upgrade. The Heresy's have worked well but I never felt the bottom end was all that good and I'm not a sub-woofer/multi speaker kind of guy so I decided it was time to start looking for something better. So, I went down to the local sound room to check out the latest offerings. They had some nice speakers but everything seemed to be built for multi-speaker setups and the ubiquitous sub-woofer assistance. And what has happened to cabinet materials lately? Everything in the low and mid price band was made from particle board and covered in black vinyl. Just ugly to me. To get anything made of wood required jumping into 2K per speaker and up prices. That wasn't going to work. I decided to see if I could find something on CL that would work and checked out some RF's and some others but nothing really seemed to fit the bill until yesterday I saw a post for some Epic CF-3's. I was like, hmm, these look like they might work but I had never heard of this series of Klipsch before. I talked to a friend of mine who said they were really good speakers and although they had a short run, were some of the their best. So I went and met the seller who was the daughter of the original owner who had passed away. She said these were his babies and took great care of them. They were in great condition but she had no system for me to test them out. And wow, are these things BIG! But something inside me said go for it so I did. After unloading and getting them placed in my room (boy was that a work out!), I put on some vinyl and all I can say is WOW. I don't think I've ever heard a better sounding speaker. I was just blown away with how smooth and low the bottom end was. The bass seemed effortless sounding and so clean. I threw on Rush 2112 to really give the low end a work out and couldn't believe how awesome Neil Peart's drums sounded. I could hear every note of Geddy's bass which in my experience tends to get muddled with the drums on most speakers. I then went to some more vocal heavy material and again, everything was just clean and smooth. Much smoother and softer presence than my Heresy's. And I am running them with completely flat EQ. They didn't need any! I sat there spinning tunes for 3hrs straight as I just listened in awe. Thank you LD2210! Obligatory pics attached next to my Heresy's for context.
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