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  1. I am a customer service supervisor for USPS, that means I supervise mail carriers. I can tell you since the current PMG has been in place, there have been more delays in mail delivery than at any point in recent history. Hopefully something will change soon. There is no reason why there should be delays is letter mail or packages unless there are bad storms or a COVID 19 outbreak at a certain USPS facility. Go to USPS.com and find the phone number for your local post office (they won’t always answer) to inquire about a lost or delayed parcel.
  2. Just sayin.....In the unlikely case the Fortes will still have not sold
  3. Canuck audio mart has always treated me well
  4. Thank you for the great pointers about putting personal info out there RandyH000.
  5. Yes I will later this evening when I get home from work
  6. I am in Lincoln, NE and have a pair of very nice black pair of ported Tangent 20s. If I am not too far away I can send pics. Looking to get $275 for them.
  7. ok, did you ever sell these bad boys?
  8. Ok, well this is my two cents worth...the CP1s are the overbuilt version of the Cornwalls so the are rated at 200 Watts continuous, have a slightly larger cabinet, better woofer and we’re only made during the mid 80s so they are fairly rare. I owned a pair until recently and I feel they are worth the higher asking price.
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