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  1. ok, did you ever sell these bad boys?
  2. Ok, well this is my two cents worth...the CP1s are the overbuilt version of the Cornwalls so the are rated at 200 Watts continuous, have a slightly larger cabinet, better woofer and we’re only made during the mid 80s so they are fairly rare. I owned a pair until recently and I feel they are worth the higher asking price.
  3. I just traded my CP1’s for some Bryston gear, this is the only other pair I have seen for sale ever
  4. hopefully correct specifications for the CP-1s, sorry about the initial typo, They are rated at 100 dB/1 watt efficient at 1 meter SPL. To a maximum continuous output 123. db SPL. Frequency range of 38Hz to 20Hz +/- 4dB Crossover frequency range 400Hz and 6kHz. Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms.
  5. I am obviously new the the Klipsch Audio Community. Hate to sell my beloved CP-1s and will only let them go to a good home. They are such dynamic , efficient and hard hitting speakers! Unfortunately the wife is demanding I downsize. I am using a Bryston 14B-SST amp to power them(the amp does not need to break a sweat at all). They are in great, near mint shape! Please feel free to ask questions. They are basically oversized, overbuilt Cornwalls. Located in Lincoln, NE. Here is some info about them, I searched long and hard for these rather rare Klipsch. I am asking $3300 or I would consider a trade for smaller Klipsch, Integrated Amp, etc. I am not advertising them anywhere else at this time. KLIPSCH C.P.1 is a Pro-Cornwall Speaker. C.P.1 stands for "Cornwall Pro-Series 1" Construction Quality The Klipsch CP.1 is constructed of high quality 7-ply void free birch, coated with a textured black lacquer, For exceptional durability and appearance. Handles are placed near the balance points of the speaker allowing easy movement and carrying. A heavy-duty cloth grille with metal is provided for protection of the woofer cone. They are rated at 200 watts RMS per speaker, Instead of 100 watts of a regular Cornwall. They are rated at 108 dB/1 watt efficient at 1 meter SPL. To a maximum output 123. db SPL. Frequency range of 30Hz to 15Hz +/- 4dB Crossover frequency range 400Hz and 6kHz. Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms. 3-Way CROSSOVER NETWORK: Fuse Protected. Driver Information: K-75-K tweeter driver.. K-57-K midrange driver.. K-44-E woofer driver..
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