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  1. I used a modified 8600 Magnavox with my KG4'S for the last couple years and loved it. It's around 3 or 4 watts and has all new parts. I purchased it from a really talented builder on audiokarma. I just replaced my KG4'S with Forte II's so I'm still getting used to them, but my first thought after plugging in the Forte's was wow, my Kg4's were really good with this amp. I mostly listen at low to moderate levels too. You absolutely don't need more than a couple watts for this. I did not try a one watt amp though, so cant comment on how well that would work. They get plenty loud with 3 watts though, and still sound good doing it. If you don't find a good integrated, make sure you find a good preamp. I tried a lot of them and they can make a huge difference in the sound. I still cringe thinking about the bad Carver I tried.
  2. The speakers are awesome. Nice meeting you Chris and thanks again!
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