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  1. Just tried that, didn't work. Luckily, it isn't a big hassle to unplug the speaker wire to use the RCA outs. It is funny - it seems like sometimes the people designing stuff have no idea how it would actually be used. I bought a 2015 Mazda, and the radio would play mp3/m4a files on a flash drive. However, it would not remember where it was when the ignition was turned off, it would always start back at track 1, AND the "random" feature would follow the same path every time. I reported it to Mazda, both US Operations and my local service department - neither had heard of the issue. Fortunately, Mazda HQ was quick to work up a fix within a month.
  2. Thanks glens. You were correct, the speakers must be unplugged in order for the RCA outputs to work. I did try to plug in headphones in first, but that only resulted in headphones playing via the Powergate - the RCA outputs were still zero. Unplug headphones, unplug speakers - RCA out works. Also correct in that the Line Out is low level - needed to max out volume on the Powergate (and also on FOOBAR) to get to a listenable level. Going to have to be very careful when switching back to speakers, could blow things up if not careful. Appreciate the help!
  3. Is there anything that needs to be done to send signals via the RCA outputs on the Powergate? I've been using the Powergate to power speakers with no problems. Today I plugged in RCA outputs to an external headphone amp, and got no signal. Thought it might be the cables, so I tried different interconnects - nothing. I then connected the same interconnects to my phone to the headphone amp - and that works. So now I am wondering if something needs to be selected on the Powergate to use the RCA output?
  4. Thanks rjmartin! That driver worked for me.
  5. So I have used my Powergate for a while connected via USB to a Windows 10 Home computer. No problems, worked great. Just got a new Windows 10 Pro laptop. Installed the drivers. Disconnected and reconnected Powergate per driver installation instructions. Under "Settings" - Bluetooth and Other Devices - Powergate shows up on my device list, but it shows up as a "driver error". Only option is "remove device". I've rebooted, reinstalled and reconnected multiple times. Under device manager - the XMOS USB Audio shows up. But it has a yellow Yield sign icon. Under device status, it says Windows cannot verify digital signature. (Code 52). I've disable, enabled, reinstalled. Everything I can think of. Any ideas on what I am missing?
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